Quick Spin with Habischman


Iman Habibi aka Habischman is one super talented remixer and producer. His music style and craftsmanship reflects in well thought out DJ sets, compilation of some of the amazing tunes ranging from deep house to deep and dark sounds. The set he prepared for FRISKY is maddening from the very beginning, the pumped up grooves doesn’t let you cool down. 😉

Soon after his set was over, we sat down to talk about life, world peace and stand-up comedy. 😀

If you could be transported anywhere on the planet right now, where would you go?
I’d love to be transported to Australia – Sydney and chill with my family there for a week or two.

Sunset or Sunrise?

Tell us something that no one knows about you.
I procrastinate a lot but when I sit at my computer I don’t get up until I fall asleep! You can say I’m a bit of a perfectionist!

If you were not in the music industry, what/where would you be?
I like Jokes and having a great sense of humour is really crucial, so either a stand-up comedian or a motivational speaker.

What’s your favourite movie/TV show?
I love Limitless the movie and ‘Entourage’ the series.

Current top 3 favourite tracks in your playlist?
Here are my current top most played tracks.
1. Mattia Pompeo – Devotion (Original Mix)
2. Floor Plan – Music (Original Mix)
3. Son Dos – Children of Almost.

Recently, Global Underground, the renowned record label, has relaunched nubreed compilation series with Habischman. Read here for more.

Listen to his #AOTW set now!

Artist of the Week: Habischman

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