Quick Spin with Coccolino Deep


Coccolino Deep has been spelling magic on our deep channel for some time now. The show has gathered quite the movement ever since the debut, with amazing guest being featured every month. Last week, we caught up with him for a fun chitchat session. Dig in!

If your life were a game, what would it be called?
At this moment if my life were a game would be called: Solitaire.

What is your favourite season?
Autumn. I love the colours and the sound of falling leaves, give me a sense of peace.

Which is your favourite place to relax?
My favourite place to relax is my car with my music, in the Aurelian drive of my city.

Recent TV series or movie that you loved?
I love Shameless (TV series)

Last song played on your I-Pod?
Nicolas Jaar – Time for us.

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Quick Spin