Quick Spin with Barry Gilbey

Lauren Krieger

Barry Gilbey is a diverse producer and DJ, experienced not only in creating for the electronic music world, but in the world of movies and television as well. His style ranges all across the board, and each episode of DEFDISCO is a unique event worth tuning into every month. I was so glad to catch up with him for a Quick Spin, where I was able to get some brief insight into his world:

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee, way too much coffee

If there was a Music Hell, what track do you think belongs there and deserves to die a horrible fiery painful death?
Good question… probably Nickelback – Rockstar. It deserves to be in there just for the video.

If you could travel through time, when & where would you go to?
I’d probably go back to London just as I was gonna sign my first publishing deal and tell myself it doesn’t work out so well!!!

What’s your favorite animal?
Dogs, the bigger and dafter the better. I’ve got two Irish Setters so I know about daft dogs.

What do you like to listen to, besides music?
I like to be outside listening to bird song. Its nice to come out of the studio and take a break listening to them.

Great stuff, thanks Barry! Read more about Barry & DEFDISCO here & get ready for the next episode by listening now:


Quick Spin