Quick Spin with Techtower

Lauren Krieger

We’re back for another Quick Spin, this time we talk to Dmitry Sogrin of Techtower. As frequent guests and new residents on FRISKY Radio with their show Forever Young, Techtower has been rocking the airwaves with deep and rolling progressive house every time they air. Let’s hear what Dmitry has to say:

What did you have for breakfast today?
Pelmeni =))

4×4 or 808?

If there was a Music Hell, what track do you think belongs there and deserves to die a horrible fiery painful death?
Probably… musical style Heavy Metal

If your life were a game, what would it be called?
Peace… ?

Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
Ice cream


Thank you for catching up with us and letting us take you for a Quick Spin! Listen to Techtower’s fantastic Forever Young show and be a part of their growing journey.

Quick Spin