Quick Spin with Sylvie

Lauren Krieger

Sylvie’s music is mesmerizing. She takes you into hypnotic, dark, layered and diverse techno territories, with expert smoothness and creativity. Her show Mind Games is a mental exercise in deep listening. To learn more about the mind behind the sound, we catch up with Sylvie for a Quick Spin:

If you could travel through time, when & where would you go to?
Egypt, till the pharaos’ era.

What do you like to listen to, besides music?
Nature and silence. Nature because of it’s intensivity and silence because it is a treasure.

What’s your favorite kind of tree?
Cherry trees, because of its colors

Tell us something that no one knows about you.
I always stand in the DJ booth on my tiptoes to reach the decks properly.

Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
Ice cream for sure.

Thank you Sylvie! Tune into her show now & learn more:

Listen Now: Mind Games

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