Quick Spin with LoQuai

Lauren Krieger

LoQuai has been a name well known in the progressive scene for many years, his productions and remixes on labels such as Mystique Music, Baroque, and Bonzai Progressive are consistently loved by DJs and fans alike. His FRISKY show Unison always brings thoughtful and creative Progressive House to the airwaves, where he continuously keeps a driving flow. Catching up with LoQuai, we learn more on this latest Quick Spin:

If you could travel through time, when & where would you go to?
I would like go to future 3014, to see how the world and music had been changed in 100 hundred [sic] years!

What do you like to listen to, besides music?
I like to walk outside in the nature, like the silence without loud noises!

What’s your favorite animal?
My favorite animal is a Dog.

If your life were a game, what would it be called?
For sure “Matrix”

Sunrise or Sunset?
For me the Sunset, I like the color at end of the day.

Unison is a must listen! Tune in:

Listen Now: Unison

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