Quick Spin with FeMMes on DecKs

Lauren Krieger

In this special 2 for 1 Quick Spin, we catch up with DJs Laura Seh & RoMix, the exciting & passionate duo that makes up FeMMes on DecKs. Their show High Heeled Geeks brings the freshest deep Progressive sounds to every episode, always featuring a fun and creative atmosphere from start to finish. We caught up with them to have some fun with our Quick Spin questions:

What’s your favorite kind of tree?
Laura: Seibo! I love the red flowers 🙂
RoMix: I love the jacarandá tree, with it’s purple flowers. It reminds me to my childhood 🙂


What do you like to listen to, besides music?
L: The rain, it’s cool to sleep
R: Poetic answer: the wind and the ocean. My answer: interesting people talking

Sunrise or Sunset?
L: Sunset, as when the sun goes down the party starts LOL
R: Sunrise. It always reminds me I’m about to enjoy another day.

If you could travel through time, when & where would you go to?
L: I would like to go back to London around 1530. I love the British history.
R: I’d travel 2 decades earlier to my birthdate to be able to enjoy 80´s as a teenager 😀

Tell us something that no one knows about you.
L: Everyday when I wake up I say: “thanks for all the great things that will happen today”, because I believe that saying a powerful word like “thanks” is a good way to get awesome things during the day.
R: I pray A LOT and believe that everything is possible if you believe.

Thank you FeMMes! Be sure to tune into their show on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, and listen to their January episode right now!

FeMMes on DecKs – High Heeled Geeks

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