Quick Spin with Addliss

Lauren Krieger

Welcome back to Quick Spin! This episode finds us catching up with Addliss, a busy DJ who hosts two shows on FRISKY Radio: In Between & Waves. Whether bringing the listener an upbeat progressive sound on In Between or relaxing chillout vibe on Waves, Addliss always transmits mindful, quality music. He’s got some mindful, quality answers for us as well!

What did you have for breakfast today?
250g of yoghurt with a fresh apple and orange, 2 cereal bar, cappuccino.

If there was a Music Hell, what track do you think belongs there and deserves to die a horrible fiery painful death?
There is so much good and bad music out there! One tune that definitely belongs to Music Hell is “Dragostea Din Tei”, a Eurodance track from the 2000s, which had even two different versions from two different projects – released at the same time! How insane is that? And it’s Just horrible music! If we look further, there would be Usher and Ludacris in Music Hell for this crime of a track: [link] More recent there is a German pop singer called Helene Fischer that really annoys me with bad music. And she is even very successful in Germany! Though she is pretty good at singing, it’s just empty music!

4×4 or 808?
Actually I like 4×4 more than 808. The 808 was a pretty awesome device to work with back in the days, but it uses sounds that I usually don’t like. On the other hand 4×4 is more my basic rhythm, though I love to use break beats or different time patterns like 6/8 or so.

Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
Do I really have to decide? I don’t want to! I take both.
If I have to decide…I’d take frozen yoghurt, I guess. 😉

If your life were a game, what would it be called?
That’s the hardest question of them all! I guess, it would be “Sane or insane? That is the question!”. Being a pretty rational person I sometimes wonder what is going on between my friends, in society in general or in the world. Sometimes I just have to try to talk people into some sensible decisions. I feel like a psychotherapist doing this. In some cases I ask myself, if I am insane or other people – regarding religious fundamentalism, wars all over the world or several other aspects. And sometimes I see it as my task, not to turn insane unless of all this going on in the world. Somehow music is my therapy – when I’m practicing, composing, producing or when I’m mixing my shows for FRISKY, I feel alive and I relieved of all the insane stuff.


Be sure to catch Addliss on FRISKY Radio on his shows Waves and In Between!

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