Pro-B-Tech Radio to feature deep blend of upcoming underground sounds

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Pro-B-Tech brings their exceptional roster to the airwaves with launch of new show on FRISKY

Joining an ever growing list of top quality label-based shows on FRISKY is Brent Lawson’s Pro-B-Tech Radio. Featuring a rotating list of excellent guest DJs, the show will be a natural expansion of the Scottish label’s distinguished and defined sound. In existence for only three years, Pro-B-Tech has already proved to be a major force in the underground electronic music industry, signing tracks from some of the best producers in the scene, including TILT, The Underground Allstars, NameSpace, TR20, Dave Seaman & John 00 Fleming, Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia, ThermalBear and many more. The list of top talent won’t be stopping anytime soon either, with Mick Parks of TILT signed on as head of A&R to bring new and exciting producers on board.

Aiming at creating a label that truly believes in those it brings into the family, Pro-B-Tech focuses on nurturing growing talent and supporting the careers of its acts throughout the process. They believe in the future, and in connecting with others who share the same devotion and dedication for creating exceptional, creative, and thoughtful electronic music. Their label showcase events and artist tours have been a essential part of this mission, expanding awareness of their sound and creating opportunities to share their passion with like-minded people. Through these events and more, Pro-B-Tech continues to make a name for themselves throughout the community, spreading quality progressive underground music through selective releases and a supportive atmosphere.

Brent Lawson and Mick Parks give their perspective on what it takes to run a label their own way:

With the new FRISKY show launching on June 24th at 2PM EST [convert timezone] Pro-B-Tech will be taking their mission to the airwaves, following the aim that Brent started with: to release high-quality, deeper, phatter tracks across the musical underground spectrum. This now includes sharing that sound with the world not only through releasing tracks, but through selective DJ mixes that carry the essence of this sound. Join the Pro-B-Tech crew and tune into to the premiere episode of Pro-B-Tech Radio, coming to you June 24th at 2PM EST [convert timezone] wherever you are.

You don’t have to wait to hear from Brent Lawson, listen to his Artist of the Week set on demand now!:

Tune In: Brent Lawson – FRISKY Artist of the Week