Pete Oak Lets the Music Speak for Itself on No Eyes All Ears

Lauren Krieger

Prepare to experience No Eyes All Ears on DEEP

Pete Oak wants to let the music speak for itself. His driving and emotive sound tells this story, one that encourages the listener to get lost in the atmospheres and surrender to what the music has to tell us.

“Music is a for me is a non-verbal language that speaks feelings. I would say that we learn from and use music to communicate with one and another. To share the same love for whatever feelings we get from listening to music. Unity above all religion, race, colour, gender age etc.”

This philosophy has created connections with labels such as Stil Vor Talent, Suara, Sincopat, Global Underground, Polymath, Selador, and Hope Recordings, and inspired him to create his own imprint Blindfold Recordings, where:

“The sole purpose is to bring good underground music to the surface from all around the world.”

Along with a prolific producing schedule, he has been DJing around the world, bringing his deep emotional sound to a live experience, where he allows the music to shine and encourages the crowd to surrender to its story. His Artist of the Week set on FRISKY is a beautiful representation of this, full of magical melodies and intertwining rhythms.

Now he will be bringing this experience monthly with the launch of his show No Eyes All Ears on DEEP. Catch the premiere on April 10th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone] – you will definitely want to be a part of the journey that Pete Oak will be providing. Surrender to the sound, and as he answered when I asked Pete what he’s excited about in the future, let yourself just relax & enjoy:

“Life drifting forward”

No Eyes All Ears