Paul Sawyer Introduces Textures With Multi-Platform Release

Lauren Krieger

To celebrate the launch of Textures on FRISKY, Paul Sawyer is releasing Textures Vol. 1

With a career dedicated to bringing top quality underground electronic music to listeners through DJing, producing, and his Krafted labels, Paul Sawyer knows how to find the tunes listeners will want to tune into. [Read more in his interview: “Paul Sawyer brings his decades of dedication to FRISKY”] Now he has a new avenue for bringing this music to the fans, with the launch of Textures on FRISKY, a destination for fresh, exciting, and exceptional tracks that have come across Paul Sawyer’s sphere. Premiering Friday February 24th @ 11AM EST [convert timezone], Textures will be a showcase for the selection of finely sifted and smoothly mixed tracks that is sure to please lovers of melodic, creative, and good-vibes music.

To celebrate this premiere, he will be releasing “Textures Volume 1”, which has been receiving huge feedback across the industry already. Definitive of what you can expect every month on FRISKY, the album ranges from the deep lush vocal track ‘Make It Last’ by Paul himself (an album exclusive), to top quality music from whole range of highly regarded producers, including Third Son, Darin Epsilon, Nick Muir, Tim Engelhardt, Dale Middleton, GMJ, Forerunners, Dom Kane, Simon Sinfield, and many more.

I caught up with Paul Sawyer again to dive into this exciting double launch:

Thanks for catching up with me again Paul! It’s exciting news that you will be launching your show on FRISKY and releasing Textures Volume One at the same time. Does it feel like the start of a new chapter or a continuation of what you’ve been working on?

Receiving the news that my show was launching on the same day as the compilation was amazing. A pure coincidence by all involved, but couldn’t have worked out better to be honest. The compilation was a big step for me and the label. We’ve spent a number of years releasing singles, EP’s and the odd album, but this was the first attempt into licensing music from notable artists and labels. So, to answer your question, it actually feels like both! A new beginning for 2017 with such a huge release containing 21 tracks that are all so great, but on the other hand, it was what we were striving towards.

We knew that to maximise our exposure, we had to involve more artists and labels who will shout about the compilation to their fans whilst staying true to the sound of the label.

With what I am sure is a never ending stream of new music coming your way, what is your process like for selecting tracks that will fit into your label and your mixes?

I’m inundated with music every day, so many promos hit my inbox and it’s so difficult to find the time to hear them all. We also receive a steady stream of demos each week, but it makes life much easier having a variety of labels. There’s a bigger chance of having a release signed with us on one of the labels if the quality is there.

Do you feel like track selection is a gut feeling that you know right away, or do you find that some music will fade or grow as you listen to it?

Its funny, its always been a gut feeling for me. Ever since I used to spend hours on a Saturday in record shops up and down the UK, flicking the needle across vinyl and instantly knowing when its going to fit your style. Its still like that now. You can hear 10 seconds of a track and pretty well tell if its a fit. The only difference is the change of format.

Is there a message or story that you communicate throughout all of your music?

I pretty well always try to create a journey, its always been about taking people on a journey for me. I find sets that are at the same level from start to finish a bit monotonous. I love putting together longer sets that end up like a sine wave. I love dropping instrumentals in the middle of a long set, its like giving people a breather before taking them to the highest moment.

What are your all time favorite tracks that you think stand the test of time?

Goldie Vs Rabbit In The Moon – Inner City Life
Grace – It’s Not Over
Moby – Go
Vangelis – Bladerunner
Binary Finary – 1998
BT – Flaming June
Freefall – Skydive

The list could go on and on, so many tracks that still sound AMAZING!!! All of these have been played to death by me over the years, I love dropping these every now and then. The response in clubs when you do is out of this world.

What do you hope your listeners experience from Textures?

Its an introduction to the music that I represent and love, as well as our label. Everything that I will be playing in my show will be what’s firmly placed in my playlist at all my gigs that month. I hope whoever tunes in will enjoy the journey and will tune in the following month.

I can’t wait to hear all that will be coming up on Textures! Don’t miss the premiere on Friday February 24th @ 11AM EST [convert timezone]

Paul Sawyer – Textures

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