PatriZe Joins FRISKY Roster with Rising Sun

Lauren Krieger

Raised in the powerful Belgian scene of the 90’s and transporting himself to Thailand a decade ago, PatriZe’s blend of emotional melodies and tech-driven rhythms makes for a unique Progressive journey. A listen to his eclectic Artist of the Week and Feelin’ FRISKY sets give a glimpse into his sound, which he says is “a true journey, smooth with hypnotic grooves, powerful melodies, dreamy motifs and occasional moments with slightly darker undertones.” It’s music for those who love to get involved from start to finish, never staying in the same place and yet discovering cohesive connections throughout the entire mix. With the premiere of Rising Sun, PatriZe is excited to share this well developed yet ever evolving perspective as he aims to become your favorite new show. Tune in on July 7th at 5PM [convert timezone] or listen anytime after with FRISKY Premium, and get ready by learning more about PatriZe now.

What was your first introduction to electronic music like?

That was at a very young age. In the late 80’s we had the New Beat music genre. It was a short period but it laid the foundation for Belgium’s dance music scene. Early 90’s came the sound of the legendary Bonzai empire and all the Belgian mega night clubs.

What has been one of your favorite moments behind the decks?

That’s a difficult one but what always stayed with me was at the very beginning of my DJ career. I didn’t have many records at that time but got the opportunity to play at a party where i was attending.I went home to get my stuff. The venue was packed and everybody went crazy when I played. I received so many compliments after the party, best feeling ever! That’s when I knew I wanted more.

What do you think sets the PatriZe sound apart?

What I want to bring to the listeners is a well constructed and intelligent mix which takes listeners on a true journey, smooth with hypnotic grooves, powerful melodies, dreamy motifs and occasional moments with slightly darker undertones.

Are there themes or messages you find repeated through your music? Is there something that is important for you to communicate?

Life can be hard sometimes and music is the best healer. I always try to give the listener a great time full of emotions. Every track has its own message. When you get comments on your mixes from listeners telling you they had a bad day but listening to your mix changed it all, that’s very rewarding.

What are you most proud of in your career?

Definitely playing with heavy weights GUY J & Pole Folder and of course joining the FRISKY family with my own show.

Having lived in both Belgium and Thailand, do you feel that your environment has an effect on your music?

When I moved to Thailand 10 years ago, the intention was to stop DJing and focus on other things in life. But that quickly changed. I was so inspired that I put some new mixes online, rapidly followed by invitations to play at pool and boat parties. I always stayed true to the progressive sound which keeps evolving.

What gets you the most excited about the music today? What type of projects or experiences do you enjoy the most?

Discovering new artists and releasing their productions combined with well established artists is the main goal of my label AH Digital.When our releases get support from the big names out there, it gives me always so much joy and I relish these moments.

What is your goal with Rising Sun? Is there anything FRISKY listeners should know about what to expect?

Let’s be honest, my main goal is that my new show becomes one of the best on FRISKY. It will be a mixture of Organic and Progressive House. I have been a fan of the radio for so many years and now it’s show time.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I would like to thank Giuliano and the FRISKY team for giving me this opportunity to show the worldwide listeners what I do. I hope everyone enjoys the show! Join me every 1st Wednesday of the month @ 05 PM EST.