From Classical to Contemporary, Paji Transcends the Expected in Electronic Music

Lauren Krieger

A true musician whose ability to play a wide array of instruments gives him an incomparable perspective on sound, Paji explores combinations of analog and digital to produce music that transcends the expected. Currently located in Berlin, where the balance of energy and art inspires his creativity to go “beyond borders”, Paji’s passion for music has been flowing non-stop since he first started playing the violin at age 5. From the violin, he picked up the piano and then added Iranian instruments, which began to define his unique sound. It was when he started adding synthesizers and DAW generated sounds to the mix that his music took on a life of its own, opening different doors as his fresh approach found a new audience in the club and nightlife world.

Blending classical instruments with contemporary electronic music, Paji’s sonic concept results in a truly innovative sound that fits not only in the studio but on stage, whether at a seated concert in a church or at an underground warehouse rave. His recently released self-titled album on Katermukke exemplifies this distinctive approach to electronic music, featuring Paji’s established yet evolving sound. With diverse track selections that show off his love for melodious dance music, mystical grooves, and audible journeys, Paji’s album can be experienced equally well whether on the dancefloor, lounging with friends or walking alone in nature.

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Get to know more about Paji before the show:

Paji Sunset

Firstly I want to say congratulations on the album – it’s really beautiful, with fantastic production and depth. 🙂 How does it feel having your debut album finally released?

Thank you very much! It feels so good to have it released finally. I worked so long on it. I was telling everybody who asked me what I am working on and when they can expect new releases from Paji that I’m working on an album and I don’t know when it would be ready. It took me really one year and my agency and label got a bit nervous because they were waiting so long. Now I can say, here it is. 😉

Did you have expectations of the final product when you first began? Was there anything that changed along the way?

I pretty much can say that it matches my ideas that I had before I started to produce the album. I wanted a product that shows my own sound that the people knew from before but also opens new doors and other dimensions of my music.

Paji Album Cover

Can you share some valuable lessons that you have learned so far as a musician / composer / producer that were helpful for you in the creation of this album?

For me the best lesson is that you just have to do it. You first have to create a room and than go in and fill it. When I started to say I’ll work on an album it felt super nice. The room was made and I could step in and do it. 

Do you have a usual process that you follow for the production of your tracks such as always starting with a certain instrument or recording in the same order? Or does it vary track to track?

It really varies from track to track. I haven’t found a formula which works for every track yet 😉

How would you say that your music reflects yourself?

I would say that my music reflects myself, because I try to implement all my influences in it. My parents are Kurdish from Iran and I was born in Cologne, Germany. I grew up with both cultures. Same with the music. I learned classical music in music schools and traditional music at home. This is what I bring into my productions. 

Paji with Violin

I read that while you play a variety of instruments, the violin is your focus – what do you love about the violin?

It is an endless love story. You can share your emotions so well with this instrument. I love the sound, the sound production, you can get so many different sounds out of these 4 strings….The main difference for me between a bowed instrument and other instruments like the piano or the guitar is that you have full control of the sound. It’s like singing. When you pluck the string of a guitar or press the keys of a piano you will get a sound. It’s there and you can not control it that much after you did that. On the violin you van vibrate, change the bow speed, change the colour of the sound. Limitless!

What do you think is the strangest instrument you own? Is there one you’d love to learn how to play?

I own a lot of instruments. I could even call myself a collector. I try to play any instrument which I get into my hands but there is a big difference in between just playing an instrument and be really able to play an instrument. It requires a lot of time to practice every day. On the violin for example, if you have a day where you don’t have time to practice, you’ll immediately feel it the day after.  You need much longer to get in. I would really love to learn the Oud. This is my plan in 2020.

What can you share with us about your album tour? Any destination you are particularly looking forward to?

The start was in Berlin at the Katerblau. I was overwhelmed by the feedback I got there. I played some more shows in Europe before I flew to a big India tour with 10 gigs. In February I’ll be on an Asia tour and I can not wait for the festival season to begin in Europe.

What do you enjoy most about being a professional musician? What is the most difficult part about it?

It is great to have your passion as your job. I make music every single day and this is what I make for living. It feels like a dream. The most difficult part is to understand that it is also your job. Sometimes you have to take decisions that you would not do if music was just your hobby. And still you have to take care, that you don’t lose your creativity.

Listen live on January 21st at 2 PM EST [convert timezone] or get FRISKY Premium to listen anytime on-demand.