Orbital’s Phil Hartnoll takes the dancefloor energy to the radio on FRISKY’s Artist of the Week

Lauren Krieger

Whether as one half of Orbital or as a solo DJ, Phil Hartnoll always puts the music first.

For those who have been a part of the electronic music scene since the early days, Phil Hartnoll needs no introduction. As one half of the revolutionary Orbital and an exceptional DJ in his own right, Phil has been creating and sharing some of electronic music’s most outstanding tracks for generations. Together with his brother Paul, he flew onto on the scene in the late 80’s with the formation of Orbital, the groundbreaking group that changed the way many people thought about music. His time with Orbital saw him traveling around the world, performing live at gigs never before opened to electronic musicians. Their 1994 performance at Glastonbury is considered one of the greatest performances of all time, with their energy and improvisational talent leaving a mark on all who witnessed it.

Those experiences have also left an impact on Phil, and his intense love for the music never faded, even after the duo split apart in 2004. While reuniting and releasing albums since then, the time apart allowed Phil to take his own direction for the music. Under the moniker “LongRange” with partner Nick Smith, he produced the album “Madness and Me” while also pursuing his passion as a DJ. Following this role he was really able to expand and share the music that moves him. As a DJ he digs deep for standout tracks, creating an eclectic yet complete journey that mixes old with new and always keeps the audience on their toes. He loves to bring incredible energy to his sets, getting everyone dancing, and making sure that having a good time is always paramount.

Under high demand, Orbital reunited in 2008, appearing at major festivals and venues around the world and creating new albums that expanded on their distinctive sound and highly accomplished discography. At the end of 2014 the duo decided again to pursue separate directions, and Phil’s DJ career was able to take center stage. As a DJ he has been in demand all around the world, his passionately selected tracks and streamlined performances making him an act to remember.

Featured as Artist of the Week on FRISKY on July 7th, Phil will be bringing that performance energy to the airwaves with an exclusive mix. I caught up with him for a quick chat about his role as a solo DJ and what is coming up next.


Have you enjoyed going solo? Is there anything that stands out as a big change from working as a team?

I have been DJing out on my own for around 12 years now. The big difference from playing as Orbital is that I have the freedom to play what I want, and to tailor what I play more towards dance music and working the dance floor.

You have been an innovator and a legend in the electronic music world for over 25 years, what is it about this music that continues to drive you?

I enjoy what the electronic sound does to to me and other people.

I loved your Low Down & Dirty mix, it’s a brilliant blend of old and new school vibes with lots of energy. What can we expect to hear from your FRISKY mix?

Well, the mix I have made for FRISKY is in a similar vibe – I have put in some new tracks I really love at the moment, some older tracks that fit in well, and a couple of Orbital Remixes, one from Tom Middleton, and a live recording of Chime.

What is coming up for you this Summer?

This Summer I have a lot of festivals coming up – Beat-Herder, Latitude, Boom Box, Boomtown, Field Trip, etc. Just did Isle of Wight last week. I also have just finished a remix for the artist “Shepard Fairy” who is releasing his assault into music in August.

Phil-Hartnoll-Logo-black-Orbital-1000x500Thank you for catching up with me, Phil! This FRISKY Artist of the Week mix will be a must-listen for sure: Tune in on July 7th at 2PM EST [convert timezone] and hear the latest from a true legend of the music!