Ogun Celik Builds the New Metropolis

Lauren Krieger

Ogun Celik joins FRISKY with the launch of Metropolis

Ogun Celik is continuing to raise the bar of Turkey’s underground electronic music scene. His passion for the music was sparked at a young age in the city of Istanbul, fueling his desire to create his own sounds to share with the rest of the world. His remix for Baran Ozhan and collaborations with Murat Bilgin helped him achieve this goal, receiving attention from a wide range of global DJs.

His own DJ career has continued to grow, appearing on Turkey’s biggest electronic music radio, as well as multiple guest mixes on FRISKY, where his Artist of the Week set has received over 17K listens. Now he will be bringing his fresh vibes to FRISKY with his own show: Metropolis.

Ogun tells us more:

What do you love most about electronic music?

World is changing, and music too. So, I believe electronic music leads to make us feel reflective, energetic and emotional. In that case, I prefer to play and make melodic ones to feel alive, cause life is hidden in melodies. Progressive and techno is the new trend as they need to be. I really love to feel atmosphere and groove.

What are the most challenging & rewarding parts of producing music?

Challenging thing is beginning to make your music because you really have to make sure what you want to do. This is the challenge. After you made your work, you want to have good feedback. When your works are being played at many venues from the DJs who you like, this is your reward.

Who or what are your greatest influences?

When I see people are dancing with my music, this is influence, but everyone has their heroes. My influence is English DJ and producer and label boss Sasha. He is greatest, really greatest, and he deserves what he has.

Where are some of your favorite places to experience music?

Everyone loves different festivals around the world, they are funny, but I believe small underground places has the original experience. Too many unexplored DJs performing and this is interesting for me.

How would you describe your sound?

It’s really hard to describe for me because I love sounds that make me feel emotional, so I believe I am making the same too. Touching senses is key for the music, I am trying to make some differences on my journey. Having attention and making differences is my sound and my philosophy.

Tune in FRISKY for the premiere of Metropolis on July 6th @ 10AM EST [convert timezone] & go see Ogun Celik play live in Novi Sad, Serbia at The End Terrace on July 8th!

Ogun Celik – Metropolis