Ogun Celik: Art in Unlikely Places

Lauren Krieger

View the world through Ogun Celik’s eyes

We experience Ogun Celik’s perspective through his show Metropolis, but to get an insight into his world through his photos adds another dimension of understanding to his music. Combining nature and architecture, capturing the human elements that connect us with our natural world, Ogun creates photos that inspire a sense of awe and wonder at the life that surrounds us. His latest release The Black Cat, features a blend of beautiful light melodies and deep techy beats that showcases his fascination with combining different elements to create a bigger picture. I caught up with Ogun to get the background behind some of his (and my) favorite photos, and to learn how to see the world through his eyes.

It was taken at during boring metro traveling. Colors are making our life more livable. It was just a unique colorful hallway at our metro station in Istanbul. It made me feel so energetic and pleased. Location: Istanbul

Most of time, we don’t know what we missed. We just pass and don’t see. I would take some attention to what we missed during travel. Location: Istanbul

When did you start taking photos? Is there a certain atmosphere or message you aim to share through them?

Taking photos is not my main purpose. I would keep moments. My aim is actually criticism between nature and buildings. That’s the reason why I am taking photos of buildings and stations. ​

We are going away from nature with new big and high buildings but we are not going away from art. Modern art is kind of my interest but I prefer to take photos of some buildings that are not to be made for art. I would like to put forward the different side of bad buildings and something like that.

They are not built for art but it depends on your vision and perspective.

I don’t prefer to need to give a message. I would share my perspective. Also I really love to share where I go. It’s actually like my travel guide.

That’s why I set name to my radio show on FRISKY as Metropolis.

Ugly buildings. There is no order and planning. They were built to be built, but nature is against to ugliness. Clouds make this capture better. That’s what I’m feeling. Location: Istanbul

This is a city where I fall in love. You may not believe but here is one of best cities in Europe. Heart of Balkans. That was my first day in Belgrade. I was there to play at a gig in Novi Sad and I spent three days in Belgrade before the gig. Location: Belgrade

This photo belongs to a city I love so much as much as Belgrade. Weather was so cold. You may not see any snow but it was -15 degrees. You can imagine which country it is. Location: St. Petersburg

Love graffiti so much! Those are make-up for bad structures. So, I can’t miss it 🙂 Location: Istanbul

How do you feel that your music connects to your perspective of life?

Being part of music industry is building up my personal skills. I know a lot of people from different countries thanks to making music. They always welcome me when I visit their countries. Music means communication for me so I can explain myself with my music.

This is a journey and we need to have fun during this journey.

Playing with Burakcan at After Party for festival in Novi Sad. Location: Novi Sad

It seems like sunset but it is not. It’s morning at Exit Festival. Need more music. Bad time to go back to home. 🙂 Location: Exit Festival

What do you hope listeners experience from your music?

Musicians need to have support and attention for their works. When we make something new, we are always looking for getting feedback and support. We are creating something from nothing, we built big cities, we’re cooking, but if we don’t have any feedback or interaction, we are trying to make something different. We always keep searching and improving ourselves, but I believe new works always are available for new journeys.

The one was taken on Ayvalik, Turkey. After a tiring day, I was having a rest and watching the sea. It always makes me feel rested. With sunset, there was a good perspective. Just watched sunset and people around me. Seeing sunset, sea and children who are playing around made me feel peaceful. The day was ending, always thinking everything has an end when I look that picture. Location: Ayvalik

The photo tells of structuring against nature. Left side was made by human, right side is not. Two faces of Istanbul. Location: Istanbul

What are you looking forward to next?

My target is delivering my music to more people than now. When FRISKY invited me to the Artist Of The Week event I was really excited about that because my favouite artists are part of here and I was going to join them. Here I am with my special radio show which is updated to two-hours in 2018. Step by step walking slowly, but I believe I can make my best every time. I would see my music be listened to. That’s pure happiness for me.

This is the metro exit to the street to my home. Used this way everyday in my life. At silent night, I was going home and I stopped and watched here, then I told myself I was passing by a building where people don’t know what they did it. Feeling like lost in darkness and lonely. Location: Istanbul

For me, here is best beach around the world. I am really serious. I always saw there in pictures but last year, I had a chance to visit and I was shocked when I saw there from this perspective. It’s pure happiness. I know you are wondering location, here is Kaputas Beach between Kas and Kalkan in Antalya, Turkey. It was early time in the morning. It was like just a way to freedom. Nothing is more important than this feeling. Location: Antalya

Listen Now: Metropolis