Behind the Label with ODD Recordings


Discover what makes ODD Recordings dominate the dance floor

When two heavy weights collide the result you get is ODD. We are talking about Arjun Vagale and Ramiro Lopez collaborating for little more than a track and laying foundation for a label called ODD Recordings. These two artists require no introduction and have earned every bit of their fame. Looks like the label is somehow mimicking their journey and personality to some extent.

Within a short span, they have been able to put out an impressive catalogue of 8 tracks and got support from the A list artists across the world and audiences on the dance floors. I just got off listening to a new release, Vamped by Andres Campo and honestly, it’s a massive track to say the least. It will set the dance floor on fire for sure.

We caught up with Arjun Vagale to talk more about label and its journey so far.

We would love to hear the story about how did you both come up with the label and name?

Ramiro and I have been friends for many years now, and the plan for the label came up when we met up in Goa 4/5 years ago.

We kept it on the back burner as we both were concentrating on our own careers, but last year we began talking about it again, and felt now was the time. 
ODD was initially for but we decided it was a good idea to merge the music merchandise division & the label – creating a stronger brand.

What does ODD recordings truly stands for?

Raw powerful music purely focused for the dance floor.

With increasing number of labels coming up these days, it gets tough to create enough buzz around the label and sustain it for longer time. What is ODD recordings approach going to be when signing new materials?

Well that’s the thing – we are not signing too many artists to the label. Between Ramiro & I, we can pretty much release just our own material and we know that would work. But we do have a handful of friends who will be a part of the label – for us quality control is key. Plus we want our own identity in terms of sound (if you hear our first 3 release, you’ll know the vibe). Today everyone wants to imitate the popular labels or artists, but we are totally opposite to that… we are odd that way. The buzz about the label needs to come from the actual music we release, not fake hype.

We saw a successful launch of your label showcase in India and next month, you will be taking it to Barcelona as well. How would you describe the on-ground response so far?

It’s actually been pretty amazing. The label is already supported by the likes of Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick + TONS more … who are constantly playing our releases. Like I said – we make music for the dance floor and it’s paramount that the music is played by DJ’s around the world. We get so many people sending us videos of our releases being played somewhere in the world 🙂 Makes me very happy.

The next phase – doing label showcases across the world. A lot of plans in the works.

The year 2017 already looks promising for the label with releases from you, Ramiro and the latest one with Andres Campo. How does rest of the year looks like for Odd Recordings?

Very strong indeed… we have remixes from Kaiserdisco, Pleasurekraft, Sasha Carassi & Petter B. Both Ramiro & I will have follow up singles and we might bring on a couple of handpicked artists. Andres is also a key part of the label – in fact after his solo release, there is a massive bomb collaboration with Ramiro – Carl Cox has been hammering that out for the past few months and it’s already causing a lot of buzz.

We got to talk about ModMatrix, it has received good responses from the dance floors across the globe. How many version before you reached the final one? 😉

ModMatrix is a purely Modular synth track – the groove was the base and the synth work was literally done in one take…I recorded maybe 15/20 mins jamming on my modular synth, and then edited/ chopped parts to make the track. It’s a process of production I’ve been working on, and I really enjoy just jamming with my synths & drum machines rather than looking at a computer screen and playing with the mouse.

Of all the releases of the label which one is your favourite so far?

The first one – OddBall. It’s probably the simplest track, but so damn effective.

As a label boss, how is your day like? Who has gone through the maximum number of demos received for the label, you or Ramiro? 😀

It’s actually a pretty full on job! We run the label like a proper business; that means Promo’s / PR / A&R etc. are a weekly routine. Ramiro & I speak practically every day and we do have a weekly Monday meeting with our label manager Antonio who handles a lot of the social media as well. In an age where content is king, you have to be on the ball. As for demos, we don’t even have a public e-mail address at the moment, but we do accept demos from friends – but our release schedule for the year is already full. We don’t want to overdo it either, less is more and quality over quantity.

It might sound a bit snobby not taking demos but we want to really build a strong foundation for the label in terms of sound. We are super critical of even our own music – a track really needs to work on the floor before we decide to sign it. There is way too much crap being released these days and we don’t wanna add to it.

I remember reading somewhere about you co-founding a label called MakTub Music back in 2009 or 2010. Are you still associated with it? How did that happen?

Yes, MakTub is still around, though we haven’t done too much with it lately. It was my first label and the idea behind it was to give young artists (especially from India) a platform to showcase their productions. It served its purpose and now many other labels have imitated or let’s say taking inspiration from that ideology, so it was time for me to push forward with a new idea. To be honest, it’s given me a great amount of experience on how to run a label.

Any new project that you are currently working which you would like share with us?

As far as releases – it’s an ODD year 🙂 so all my focus and attention is on the label. Though I do have a release coming soon on Pan-Pot’s Second State imprint. On the touring front – it’s a busy schedule. I’m writing the interview on a flight back from Bangkok after Together Festival. Later this month I’m in Ibiza for IMS, then gigs around Europe including the ODD party during off Sonar and ending the tour with Awakenings in Amsterdam. I’ll also be touring Australia & South America this year for the first time so I’m super excited about that. In between all this will be my yearly visit to Womb in Tokyo.

Listen to Arjun Vagale on FRISKY now!:

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