Nimbus Day & Nimbus Night, The Dawn You Were Not Told About

Nick Kaniak

In the last couple of weeks, I came to the realisation of two thoughts.


Sometimes I feel like a preacher.

“Hey, hear this!”, “have you heard the new release..?” “ you should definitively listen to that!” “Sr. Do you have time to listen to the word of…?”.

I can get really heavy on it. But its just because I really feel the duty of exposing more and more people to this fascinating world of Progressive House. I once hear the admin of a Fb group said in an interview “it’s not that people don’t like it, its just they are still not aware they are into it” and I completely agree with it.


It’s almost impossible to keep up with the rhythm of new releases. It’s a fact, more and more producers are joining the scene, and trust me, they are amazing and talented. The quality is off the charts…..but they release too much. Eventually, this obliges us to elevate the standards of tolerance. This makes it more and more “difficult” to find something that really tickles us in the ear. It’s like I´ve been waiting only for Sebastian Leger´s ID track for an eternity now, and in the meantime, nothing has really caught my Attention. Until Now . . . .

Now indulge me, I’ll join point One and Two just for you: Have you heard about the record label Nube Music Records? Are you aware of the double LP they released recently? No? You are Joking, right? Nah, get out of here! Really?

Well, enough of the theatrics, I’ll give you a brief story of it and I’ll dive deep into the topic of interest.

Nube Music started as a radio Station in Buenos Aires Argentina, the brainchild of the producer Manu F (do yourself a favour and check him out, Balkan Connection, The Soundgarden, you name it). The radio itself roots in a solid way with Progressive House as its North and has given space from the beginning to producers who currently have massive support from big names around the world. It’s a real quarry of talent.

It didn’t take long until the idea of a label appeared as a natural step in its evolution. 2016 saw the birth of this label, not bound by release dates or tight schedules. It only releases when there is something to say out loud, and surely there is some fuzz made around each of its releases.

For a while, there were no EPs at all. They saved themselves a big golden nugget, and when it was ready they published Big-Time. A fully fledged double LP: Nimbus Day & Nimbus Night.

As you can imagine, one is destined to be played in a sunset set, while the other is bound to the magic that lingers under the stars.

Nimbus day is an LP that whispers in your ears: “ Yeah, this day is coming to a close, this breeze that runs through your shirt will slowly invite you to go down, down as the sun goes down. Just let go, we are OK”. It has a potential happy message behind each track, and if you close your eyes, you just see light. At the same time, as you progress into the selection, you can’t help but realise that there is an inherited melancholy of a peace that might not last forever. It obliges you the enjoy each second. I highly recommend lending ears to the following tracks:

Each one of them posses a deepness and density of emotion that make Nimbus Day something else, something in its own league.

Nimbus Night starts slowly with tracks that gently invite you to what is expected to be a big night, no reserves. You can tell that synthetic sounds are more predominant, and organic ones slowly fall into the mist. No cutbacks on this LP, things get darker and mystical. There is simply no way back, not that you wanna to go back. For each track, you listen, you know you have to give the last drop of emotion.

I beg you listen to the following tracks

Special kudos to Tomas Tassara´s track, my favourite in both LPs. A track gifted with a unique take on how a simple line of ethnic melody can withhold som much emotion, so much it makes me feel. If you really concentrate and close your eyes, you can see the texture of threads in the bowed instrument.

In my own view, Nimbus Day & Night serves various purposes, but surely is a collection of songs that will demand you the whole day to ponder on. Its a pleasure you must give to yourself.

Nimbus Day on your way to work, Nimbus Night on your way back home.
Nimbus Day with your friends in a barbecue, Nimbus Night when going out in the city.
Nimbus Day on a bicycle, Nimbus Night on a car.
Nimbus Day on a beach, Nimbus Night in the club.
Nimbus Ying, Nimbus Yang
Nimbus Night when you just can’t get enough, Nimbus Day for the After, while in your bed with a cigg.

20 songs, for 20 hrs, you got 4 hrs left for sleep. Consider it a gift from the South.