Niki Sadeki is Spreading the Word of Deep Electronic Music

Kalen Bergado

Niki Sadeki does it all. In every aspect of her life in music, she works to exemplify the ideals of a connected and involved electronic music community. From running her monthly podcast “Allure” on FRISKY, to traveling around the world treating and engaging audiences in the journeys she tells through her DJ sets (crafting a seemingly personal exploration into sensations), to running Deep House Vancouver, a project and platform dedicated to helping discover and expand new sounds and engage people on a local and global scale, it is clear that Niki is on a mission to spread the word of electronic music.

I was able to ask Niki a few questions about her travels, introduction to music and DJ’ing, her vision for the future for Deep House Vancouver, and much more, providing us a glimpse of not only her passion for the community she is so engaged with, but also some insights into what continues to drive her. Que up an episode of her FRISKY show Allure and find out more about what makes Niki Sadeki so special.

Hi Niki, when you first started working with controllers and turntables, what sort of music did you like to mix? Has it always been focused on the more melodic and deep side of electronic?

I always liked melodic tracks for sure. The deeper side of electronic music was something that I got pulled into gradually.

You are currently based in Vancouver, but originally from Tehran. The Iranian underground electronic scene is relatively new. Are you involved in it at all? How have you seen it grow over the years?

I’m not directly involved but I have a lot of respect for what they’re doing. So I’m always willing to support artists and change makers in the scene.

Having grown up in both Tehran and Vancouver, how important is it to find a balance to represent both cultures in your DJ sets and mixes?

I tend to focus first on expressing myself as a person without any geographical or cultural attachments. Having said that, my musical style and taste takes inspiration from a range of genres and places. There are definitely some Persian influences due to my background. And I tend to think of it as an advantage, because I find that my ears are very much familiar with the melodic sounds of the Middle Eastern world.

At the same time, growing up in Vancouver and being exposed to the diversity that runs in the culture, sort of brought all the elements together as a whole and shaped my sound. I am indeed an individual that resides in between two cultures: My Iranian roots as well as the western cultural influences.

How does your experience playing guitar affect the flow and sounds of your sets and mixes? Did this create more of a draw towards the melodic side of electronic?

The music we hear growing up really shapes our entire lives. Playing any sort of musical instruments usually helps with having a foundation. Now that I’m tip-toeing with production I see that I get a lot of influences from the melodic side for sure.

Speaking of guitar, I’m not sure if you still play, but have you ever wanted to incorporate guitar or other analog electronic instruments into your sets? I’ve always seen a lot of potential for electronic guitars in ambient and ethereal underground.

Yes, it’s something that I’ve thought about. In the past year I have changed my sound drastically toward something that resonates with me personally. So the possibility of one day incorporating my guitar into my sets is very likely.

How was Deep House Vancouver helped you to channel your passion of dance and electronic music towards a larger plan? At the beginning you said it was just a space for artists to share music. Presently, what is your hope for the impact that Deep House Vancouver can have?

I founded Deep House Vancouver in the Fall of 2016. I did not have any other specific plans other than to create a space for artists—locally and globally—to share their music. Today, my goal is to expand it into a broader community to engage and unify its listeners through the various sounds it explores.

I have big dreams and plans for Deep House Vancouver, so we will see where the journey takes us. So far I have been very fortunate to get many talented artists on board to make podcasts for the channel. Recently, it has also premiered tracks from some of my favorite artists, labels and talented friends. Also, I’ve started hosting events under this brand. We had the pleasure of having one of my biggest personal inspirations, Mira joining us in Vancouver on June 2nd at Open Studios. It was a huge success and the response I got from the crowd was incredible. Currently I’m working on a couple of shows in 2019 so it’s been quite busy. The goal is to introduce new artists to the audiences in Vancouver and also shed the light on local artists that may not get the opportunity to play too often.

Regarding your FRISKY program ‘Allure’ do you have a goal for each show? How has this platform helped to shape your sound?

The show is in its second year now and it has been such a thrilling ride so far. Allure has introduced me to many new artists and allowed me to connect with listeners all over the world. It has acted as a fertile ground for me to build a solid organic following, so I feel grateful for it. I would like my sound to continuously evolve so I try to be versatile with my selections. I want to give new artists a platform to create more exposure to their work and for the listeners to connect with the artists as well.

This year you’ve already played in San Francisco, Lebanon, Paris, Ibiza and Berlin. What are some dream locations that you’d like to play?

I’ve been fortunate enough to play at some of my dream locations already. All my shows so far have left an incredible impression on me and I have only great memories in my head.

Having to travel so much, what are somethings you do to keep you centered and focused while on the road?

There can be plenty to celebrate on tour, so you need to be disciplined and have focus. Because it is can be very easy to forget that at the end of the day this is your job and you need to stay professional.

Also, sticking to a well-balanced regimen of sleep and eating well has proven to be the key to surviving the hectic scheduling. However, in between the crazy travel times and set times it is not easy to maintain that. So you always have to be mindful.

The one thing that I’ve been struggling with is limiting my exposure to cigarette smoke! I’m not a smoker personally so trying to avoid inhaling giant volumes of secondhand cigarette smoke is a challenge.

Thanks Niki! The next episode of Allure airs on November 21st @ 1PM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps. Check out her October set now:

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