Niki Sadeki transmits her musical passion with Allure

Lauren Krieger

Music continues to drive Niki Sadeki with the launch of Allure

Music has been a part of Niki Sadeki’s life since she was young, an ever present factor that has influenced her reality and provided the soundtrack to her journey. From raiding her parents’ record collection to becoming resident at Vancouver’s MIA, Niki has continuously been living with the music in the forefront. With a motivation to bring others along on her journey, her DJ style is emotional and flowing, with a complete story to be told through sound. Her FRISKY Artist of the Week set reached over 12K, gaining new fans and support from across the globe. Now she will have the chance to bring even more people into her world with the launch of her show on FRISKY: “Allure”. Premiering January 18th @ 1PM EST.

Before the premiere, get to know Niki by going behind the music:


How did you start your DJing journey?

Well I guess it goes way back to when I was a kid and living in Tehran, Iran where I was born. My family would go on these long road trips into the mountains. It would be a 4 hour drive or so and I remember there were two things on my To Do list: one was to make a list of must-have snacks for the road and the other was to make mixed cassette tapes! I would always do this the night before a trip. My parents thought it was funny, but they always encouraged me. At that point, it wasn’t electronic music though; it would be anything from pop to 70s oldies, 80s rock or reggae, anything which fit the mood and the journey we were embarking on. I guess it all started there.

In more recent years, I started putting up mixes on SoundCloud. They were basically compilation of songs I’d liked at that time and I just wanted to share them with friends. As time progressed, I started to take the process more seriously, trying to improve my skills and to make the mixes better in terms of quality.

What is your favorite thing about music, and what is your greatest motivation to pursue music today?

Music is my passion. I have found an outlet to express myself. Through my mixes I try to convey stories, connecting in an emotional way, while also expressing myself. I love to engage listeners and crowds, so I guess that motivates me to put together mixes just to share what I felt was moving and beautiful. And also to have an outlet to express something beyond my everyday mundane stuff. It’s truly just the thing I love most; to play and show people what I’ve found, and I want others to feel the same emotions I feel when music moves me. This brings me a lot of satisfaction.

What has been the most influential experience of your development as a DJ?

Throughout my life there are many milestones that stand out but I guess the most recent one would be finally getting the Burning Man experience down my belt.  I met so many amazing people at the playa, and I was in awe of the memorizing vibe of the playa. I was lucky enough to able to meet and become friends with many of the people that I look up to (both musically and on a personal level).  It suddenly made everything so much more clear for me… that music is supposed to be my journey. I know it’s a cliché, but that experience really changed my life.


How is the underground scene in Vancouver? Do you feel there is something unique the city offers?

I believe Vancouver’s music scene is vibrant and full of talent. It is currently thriving, with distinctive sounds and a vibrant music community. I guess the keyword is vibrant!

Is there an energy or message you communicate through your music?

I want to bring people together and taking them on a journey to feel the same emotions that I feel when I hear that same music. I know it sounds cliché but I like to send messages of love and unity.
I get excited looking forward to the possibilities my show “Allure” on Frisky Radio would bring in the future. I want listeners to connect with the artists, producers and DJs, and their work. I also want to give artists a platform to showcase their work to reach more people because I think they are worthy of it.

Their music help express the deepest emotions.

What is next for you?

I’m super excited about kicking things off with my show “Allure” on Frisky Radio. I’d love to be able to travel and get gigs in other cities and countries worldwide. I’m also tiptoeing with producing… I am just starting to get my feet wet with a remix that I am currently working on and am really excited about.

Don’t miss out on the premiere of Allure on FRISKY! January 18th @ 1PM EST [convert timezone]

Niki Sadeki – Allure