Niichavo Showcases His CHILL Side With a Featured Artist Mix

Lauren Krieger

It’s often the spontaneous moments which create something special. When live-streaming plans on the FRISKY ADE Boathouse were delayed, Niichavo went behind the decks with a calm presence and light heart and started playing a set that instantly drew our attention and energy together. It wasn’t long before the FRISKY team was asking him to be our CHILL Featured Artist, so that the essence of this unrecorded and unprogrammed mix could be shared with our widespread global audience. As Niichavo shares: “The idea for the mix came up right after ADE where I got to play some chill tunes right before my FRISKY Boat showcase in front of good friends.”

Fans of Facets know the deep diving and diverse tracks that Niichavo features in his mixes, and while he likes to keep the energy of dance music alive on his show, he takes advantage of the opportunity to explore beatless spaces with his CHILL Featured Artist Mix. Discerning, creative selections inspired by a special moment and mixed with the spirit of community and kindness, Niichavo brings it all together with this mix. Tune in live on Wednesday January 29th @ 2 PM EST [convert timezone] or listen on-demand anytime after with FRISKY Premium.

Join us for a chat with Niichavo before it begins:

Niichavo at FRISKY Boathouse

The FRISKY team really enjoyed meeting you and listening to your mix at the Boathouse – you have such lovely energy that comes through in the smoothness of your selections and storytelling of your set.  Would you say that your music reflects your personality? Has that expression changed over time?

Thank you, it was a wonderful day.  My intent is to play tracks that touched me in some way when I heard them, so they do reflect my personality and also my moods and current state of being.  My music tastes are definitely evolving overtime, but I can still connect to the very first mix I made.

What do you enjoy most about making DJ mixes? Is there anything you enjoy particularly about making a chill mix?

Making a mix is a release for me. I would best describe it as completion of a cycle of inspiration-idea-track selection-recording. I’m generally a very chill person, so chill mixes do reflect an important part of myself.  The trick is to find proper balance of relaxation and energy.

Do you approach creating a CHILL mix differently than your regular DEEP show Facets? In what ways are they the same?

As my show’s name suggests I like to explore different facets of electronic music, so I try to showcase tracks with various influences, emotions, sub-genres in every mix chill or otherwise.  However with this mix I had two full hours which allowed me room to properly develop the story/soundscape I wanted to express.


What is most important for you to express or achieve through your music?

For me, music and dance bring joy and on a deeper level allow to connect to something primal.  And if for the duration of the mix or set I’m able to hold space where I’m fully projecting that joy and energy, I’m happy.

What is your favorite thing about being a DJ? What is the hardest part?

I love to share music, I love to share it with people that appreciate the type of music I play and I love settings that allow for that to happen.  Hardest part is finding time, specifically to listen to the endless ocean of music that is out there every day. 

What is one of your core philosophies when it comes to your role as a DJ? (For example: “Always get people dancing” or “It’s most important to introduce listeners to new music”)

Outside of certain mixes that are intended for mind journeys, relaxation or post-club wind-downs, I always play dance music.  I love the beat.  New music is important, especially when mixing for discerning FRISKY listeners, but not a goal in itself.

Do you have a favorite quote or life philosophy in general?

Life philosophy in general is to focus on my human experience and to be kind in everyday interactions.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I want to express gratitude to all of the artists who’s music I’m playing and for all people in my life that embrace this “sound” as a way of experiencing life.