Nicolas Rada: Ready to Takeover

Lauren Krieger

With over a decade of dedication to producing his own perspective on electronic music, Nicolas Rada has truly found his own sound, discovering that sweet spot of dark atmospheres, deep melodies, and driving flow that have come to define his style.

2018 has been a busy year for Nicolas, his music increasing its global impact through a set of releases on renowned labels like Asymmetric, The Soundgarden, Bonzai Progressive, Balkan Connection, Reworck, Visceral, and MNL, and his standout collaborations and remixes with artists including Nick Warren, Hot Tuneik, Dmitry Molosh, Eelke Kleijn, Atish, Rick Pier O’Neil, Michael A, and more. This was also a year of firsts for him, as he shares with us:

“It was a very great year. I’m very satisfied and happy. I think that my release with Nick, my first time in Budapest, ADE, and my forthcoming album are some of the highlights of this year. But all the gigs I did, are always highlights.”

These gigs are where Nicolas Rada showcases his creativity, creating sets filled with emotional music that pushes the boundaries of genre while exemplifying the essence of Progressive. Spreading his sound to Europe through events like Legendary Moments and Free Your Mind Festival, he continues to bring his own take to Argentina’s thriving underground. Even with a busy schedule, Nicolas makes the most of his time by making sure to get something out of each and every experience.

“I’m always trying to learn a lot of new things in my gigs. They are always different … each venue or each place you play has a lot of clues to be better day by day, or new opportunities to speak about things with other DJs.”

As for Argentina itself, the go-to destination for Progressive DJs around the world, Nicolas shares his perspective on the current scene:

“Buenos Aires has been changing a lot in the last years. There are more people listening to electronic music. There are more shows in different locations and that’s very good, because people introduce the music (electronic) in their life. There is much more culture. Provinces are improving their shows constantly… The energy is unique here in Argentina. All DJs want to play here, and all should do it.”

Transmitting this energy through his music, you can get a taste of this experience on his FRISKY show Oblivion. For over a year, Nicolas Rada has been giving a global audience insight into his world through Oblivion, and now on Thursday November 22nd, he will be bringing us behind the scenes of his life as he takes over FRISKY’s Instagram page.

With an upcoming album on The Soundgarden Records in December, an original track for Beat Boutique Records, and two remixes with Nick Varon for Suffused and Matter & GMJ for Proton, it looks like Nicolas Rada will be spending the rest of the year doing what he enjoys most, “To bring my music to the world, playing inside and outside my country, and constantly trying to be better.”

It’s this mission that drives Nicolas Rada: to always be learning and growing with the music. When I asked him what lessons last year had brought, he answered thoughtfully,“To be patient, a lot. And concentrate on yourself. Then things happen…” while also providing some great advice for those producers and DJs who are trying to be heard: “BE yourself, don’t want to be like others. Be polite and friendly. Have goals.”

It’s this thought process that ensures that we will be hearing much more from Nicolas Rada in the future. Find out more when he takes over FRISKY’s Instagram on November 22nd, and be sure to tune in to the next episode of Oblivion airing that day at 1PM EST / 3PM Buenos Aires [convert timezone].

Get ready by listening to the back catalog on-demand now: