Wild and Lovers

Nicko Izzo’s Wild and Lovers Wants You to Choose Your Side at LaTerrrazza Barcelona

Lauren Krieger

Coming to Barcelona this Summer is an event series that is more than a celebration of connection, music, and passion, but an invitation for everyone to let go and unleash their inner selves, whether that be wild, lovers, or a combination of both. Featuring friends and legends of the industry, Nicko Izzo’s Wild and Lovers series at LaTerrrazza was designed to inspire the crowd to go deep within, and to use music as the means for reminding us of all that we have inside. As Nicko shares:

“Wild and Lovers I think is about each one of us. We are lovers, wild… the music is, she transmits all that. It’s not about a party, it’s about YOU. The idea is to find out which is your favorite side that night.”

Wild and Lovers lineup

It’s a project made with passion, in order for others to release their own. Those deep connections made behind the decks and on the dance floor are the moments that drive the purpose of Wild and Lovers, with both artists and audience encouraged to “share from a new side, learn new things and rebuild by learning from others… and what each one can give you from love or from his wild side.”

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of his artist & events company Closure which he says has been “a long journey, full of things, some very good, some bad, but in the end it was my journey, and I’m pretty good with that.”, Nicko wanted to make sure that this series of events would represent the best of the underground from the ground up. And having been a part of La Terrrazza’s family for over a decade, he knew it would be the just the place to fulfill all that he needed to create those magical nights.

“It is a mythical club, with a very big trajectory. I learned a lot there and gave me many things, I am very grateful for all that. Looking back, I was very privileged. Plus they have had a lot of patience with me, because I was a pretty crazy/wild young man.

Why is it the perfect place for these events? For its magic. There are many things that are needed to generate a special and unique atmosphere in a club, and in my humble opinion, I think Terrrazza has all of them.”

Nicko Izzo at La Terrrazza

It’s this combination of talent – such as Gui Boratto, Dusky, and Patrice Bäumel – venue, atmosphere, and purpose, that come together to set up for something fresh and exciting, an invitation to explore more than what’s on the surface and to enjoy whatever that happens to be. As for Nicko? “I am 100% wild!! mmm or was it? I do not know really… I’m going to find out this summer ehehe… maybe ended up being a lover. :)”

Wild and Lovers

Wild and Lovers is focused on the love and that wild quota that we all have inside. Be it for music, relationships, sensations, liberations. Wild and Lovers is not about the party, it is about each one and we invite you to discover which is your favorite side.

Discover your own Wild & Lovers at La Terrrazza this Summer:

08/06: Wild And Lovers by Nickoizzo w/ Gui Boratto
27/07: Wild And Lovers by Nickoizzo w/ TBA
30/08: Wild And Lovers by Nickoizzo w/ Dusky
06/09: Wild And Lovers by Nickoizzo w/ Patrice Bäumel

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