Why Nicko Izzo Works Hard, Keeps Fresh & Lives with Passion

Lauren Krieger

Experience the moment, the music, and the beginning of Humano with Nicko Izzo.

Nicko Izzo lives his life like his music: always dynamic, evolving, and flowing. Moving between Buenos Aires and Barcelona for many years while also touring across the globe, Nicko Izzo’s life has been filled with a cycle of travel, planning, creating, and working. Always wanting to stay fresh, it was time to throw a kink in the wheel and start something brand new, something that represents the way that he lives and would inspire others to do the same. After discovering a vacant spot in the town of La Pedrera while visiting friends in Uruguay, a vision came to his mind of a place that would encourage its patrons to enjoy life: to eat good food, drink good drinks, relax with good friends, and listen to good music. Humano was born.

“I have to do new projects to stay young, stay fresh.”

Created with partners Juan Manuel Lopez Porrada and Matias Gorfinkiel, Humano is a unique addition to the small town. Located only 50m from the beach, it will be a place you can come to after spending the day surfing or soaking up the sun to enjoy delicious tapas and friendly conversation while watching a beautiful sun set and listening to beautiful music. A true passion project, Humano combines the things that Nicko loves most in his life: food, music, and sharing. To be in the moment enjoying all that is good is important to Nicko, a philosophy that he has valued in his life and something that he hopes to bring to others through Humano.

This experience of fully living in the moment is especially important in his relationship with music. When recollecting on the early days of the late 90’s Buenos Aires scene, Nicko remembers just how vital the music was, how its value was truly above and beyond anything else that was involved. International DJs would come into town and play to people who loved nothing more than just being a part of this something special, of getting lost in the magic for as long as it lasted. Afterwards the DJs would all want to keep the night going, and it was back to one of Nicko and his friends’ houses for an after party to keep the moment, the experience, and the energy flowing. It was a time when the music was all that mattered. Now he says, people go to parties just for the party, just to be seen there. On the business side, there is so much more focus on money, ego, and status throughout the industry. Back then it was about only the music and the moment, when everyone was coming from around the world to Buenos Aires just to feel the energy that was thriving so vibrantly.

Although dealing with the business end of the industry is not the best part of being involved in electronic music, it still is a necessity in order keep everything happening. It’s a side Nicko knows well, as he stays busy working with La Terrrazza and Sonar in Barcelona, planning events, touring, and now creating this new business from scratch. No matter what he’s doing however, he always tries to keep the music in mind.

“When you work on the business side, you lose the thing that is most important: the music.”

He also knows how that in order to succeed in music you must put in the work. With a successful career as a DJ going strong for decades, spinning among those who he was looking up to when he first started out, Nicko has learned from experience that you can achieve your wildest dreams when you work hard for them, and act with passion.

“If you really want something, if you really work hard in your life, you can do whatever you want. The moment you realize you can do whatever you want, things happen. You have to keep doing things, you have to keep going forward and trying to move. …The most important thing is the passion. I think it’s all about passion, and working hard, it’s not about what you have, what the people see, it’s about what your passion is, what you feel. You have to keep going. You have to keep fresh.”

Nicko’s philosophy on life is reflected in his music. Aiming to always stay fresh, his mixes are unique, distinctive, and creative, continuously traveling from one moment to the next with flow and vital energy. Although he still loves the progressive sound that he began with, he feels a drive to do more with all the tastes and styles that move him.

“When you do the same every day, it is boring. Like the music, if you make all 3 hours techno, it is boring. Progressive, it is boring. House, boring. …Highs, lows, trips between the tracks, I think that’s what the music is about. But you have to do it right, it has to make sense.”

This can be heard every month on his FRISKY show Closure, where he intermixes genres from house to chillout, deep to techno, and everywhere in between, blending in a cohesive story line that tells something different about his own journey with each episode.

“You have to do more, it’s not just mixing one track into another, it’s what do you want to do with this to take it further.”

“Go really deep from one moment to another in a different way.”

Not only good advice for music, but also for living. Taking it further, and going deep from one moment to the next, Nicko Izzo lives his own life with passion and persistence. Humano is the latest adventure along this journey, fulfilling his desire to keep pushing forward while also giving something back to others. Opening at the end of December, Humano will be a unique place that encourages guests to relax and enjoy life, have great conversations, eat delicious food, enjoy deep music, and realize how special it is just to be exactly where they are in that moment. Whether through his music or through his work, this is what Nicko Izzo wants us all to experience.

Nicko Izzo: Closure