Nicko Izzo: Defining A DJ Through Diverse Sounds

Lauren Krieger

Exploring the challenge and reward of DJing a diversity of sounds with Nicko Izzo.

Nicko Izzo wants you to know that although inspired by the influential progressive DJs of our era, he is not does find himself defined by the genre. His music is created through the forging of his own path, with an eclectic sound that drifts from genre to genre, undefined yet continually classifiable as deep, meaningful, and smooth. The basis of his distinctive sound is a combination of styles, with a focus on mixing miscellaneous types of music to create an incomparable and complete experience.

The storyline and seamlessness of jumping between genres is where his power as a DJ lies, and his direction as a live DJ as well as his FRISKY show Closure exemplify this perspective.

“I am very eclectic I could say. My sound is a development that goes from fresh chill out, house, deep house and techno.”

“I think the challenge for me is to innovate constantly. The variety and versatility of my styles, finding the correct fusion from start to finish is what defines me the most.”

“I started in the late 90’s. Listening and learning from big legends of the music. I take a lot of that and I keep it today. I think it’s important to not forget the roots of where one comes from. I try to keep the essence of what I learned in the times that we are today. There is a big difference in time, but I try to keep the essence of what I lived in my music.”

This conversation brings up the question: How important is it for a DJ to distinguish their style by the definitions of genres? Are you better off being eclectic or having a focus?

The phrase (or similar) “a DJ who cannot defined by genre” is listed across many DJs’ bios, as they want to showcase their diverse sound and not feel limited by a set of definitions. However, there is also something to be said for a DJ that knows where they stand, what their fans want, and what particular style moves them the most. By being clearly defined, you can be discovered through similar artists, create relationships with specific labels, and know which DJs are best to share the stage with. If someone can refer to you as “progressive/house/techno” DJ, then they know what to expect when they come to see you perform, and are happy when they hear what they came for.

However if the purpose of a DJ is to deliver fresh music to a crowd, then diversity and spontaneity can be just as valuable.  A sophisticated, eager crowd, can learn to trust that the person directing the vibe of the night knows what they are doing. A reputation as an eclectic artist can create a space for anything, the ability to adjust seamlessly depending on the situation you are in.

Both diversity and focus are valuable in their own way; we find that what really matters is the energy and soul that the DJ is putting into their set. Regardless of genres, or styles, or method, the experience is this most important aspect.

Nicko Izzo has found that his musical method works perfectly in order to accomplish his goals. With a passion for a variety of music, the energy of his selections and sonic story lines have created a fan base across the globe, eager to hear what unique message he will give on each night, and open to whatever he brings.

Check out his latest episode of Closure, which reached #2 on the FRISKY Top 10 Weekly Chart & already has over 9K listens:

Nicko Izzo – Closure