Nicko Izzo brings Closure to the airwaves on FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Nicko Izzo keeps his momentum rolling with launch of new show “Closure” on FRISKY

Nicko Izzo has been making waves in the underground music scene, and he’s not slowing down anytime soon. Starting in Argentina, he has continued to leave an impact around the world through his own productions, live mixes, radio sets, and even as the head of the major booking agency Closure Artists. Whether touring the globe and mixing with some of the biggest DJs in the industry, maximizing his residency and executing the programming for La Terrrazza, or taking his energy into the studio for memorable productions and remixes, Nicko is always putting his best energy forward. To Nicko, the music is his life, and the power that it holds is evident in everything he touches.

Now he’s taking that energy to the airwaves with a brand new show on FRISKY: Closure. With a passion for versatility, exploring all genres, styles, and vibes, Nicko’s new show on FRISKY will be a unique event with each episode. You never know what to expect with Nicko Izzo, but it is always something special. Take a listen to any of his previous mixes as Artist of the Week, as a guest on Subsidence Sounds, and Dual Q, and you’ll get a taste of what to expect on Closure.

We were able to catch up with Nicko Izzo in the middle of his busy schedule to learn more about this exciting new show:

What can listeners expect to hear on Closure?

Nicko: I am very happy about my new radio show. I want to show the different variations my music offers; from chill to techno. The listeners can expect a perfect harmony of tunes and climate. The idea of “Closure” is to have different sensations, from chill, deep, techno or a mixture of everything.

Each journey will be different, that’s exactly what I love about music; all the versatility it offers.

What excites you about the music right now?

Nicko: As I said, it was always seeking new sounds, versatility and rarity. I love experimenting, sometimes it takes me deep into the dark underground and other times it is upbeat. I’m a bit fan of Pink Floyd, “progression” in Techno is something a I am for. 🙂

What are you looking forward to about having a monthly radio show broadcast?

Nicko: I think it’s a great opportunity to interact with the listeners. To be able to take them on a journey of different sensations through my music. It is always something I thrive for, I want to bring that essence and incorporate it into my radio show. I’m excited for the reactions of the listeners, you can expect something different with each radio show.

Thank you Frisky for having me on my new radio show!

Closure will be launching September 1st @ 11AM EST [convert timezone], be sure to tune in!

In the mean time listen to Nicko Izzo’s Artist of the Week episode on demand now!:

Listen Now: Nicko Izzo – Artist of the Week