New Year, New Product Updates


Hey guys its your pilot, Faisal, with a brief note on what we’ve been up to lately… Today, the FRISKY team is pleased to bring you the following new updates:

Go deep with DEEP

friskydeep_Exploring the edgier, nastier and deeper side of underground electronic music, the DEEP channel is now currently running as a pilot / experimental stream.  Not to be confused with “deep house,” the DEEP channel will feature what we consider the future of underground electronic music – the kind of sound that dares to take risks and be different. Look for new show announcements soon! Take it for a test spin and tune in here now.

Show Statistics: Reach

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.46.05 AM

Under the tag cloud of each set on the show page we’ve added its Reach: which is the sum of the listeners tuned in during its premier broadcast + on-demand plays + downloads.   We’ve had a number of artists ask us for stats on how their show is performing and how many people are listening so hopefully this will give a good sense of the reach and audience numbers for their shows.


Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.52.31 AM

Another feature thats the result of popular demand: Comments on each set! Tell the artist and others how much you like their sets, or ask them a question… Or just say hi.

Coming Very Soon: All-new mobile apps!


For the last couple of months we’ve been huddled up in our development cave working on our next-gen all-new iOS and Android apps! Look for announcement on features and launch dates very soon but suffice to say that we hope you’ll be as thrilled about it as we are! As the world gets more mobile, we’ll be taking a mobile-first strategy for our product releases moving forward.  It all starts with the launch of the new iOS app, followed very closely with Android! If you’d like to be added to our Beta testers list, just drop us a note on Twitter or Facebook. 😉

Look out for new updates and new ground-breaking features as we roll into the new year and beyond! Please do keep the feedback coming in – good and bad! Until next time, stay FRISKY!