NEW SHOW :: SUBZERO – Cool Carla

Lauren Krieger


Hosted by Cool Carla
Launch Date: October 20 2013 @ 9AM EST / 9PM MANILA

DJ Cool Carla is a music lover to the core. She has been a radio DJ since 1986, and has played in multiple bands of varying genres for many years. She was also a record producer for several underground bands in Manila, before eventually moving to San Francisco to become a professional chef. The proof that her life has revolved around music can be heard in her podcast “The Chill Out Sessions”, which she has been producing since 2010. Popular around the world, Cool Carla’s “The Chill Out Sessions” delivers a beautiful combination of sounds designed to soothe your soul. Now ready for a new era in her musical journey, she is bringing her wide range of experience and creative sound to Frisky Radio with her new show Subzero. Airing every third Sunday of the month at 9AM EST / 9PM Manila, Subzero will be the perfect new addition to the Chill Out Sunday broadcast.