NEW SHOW :: SOUNDPARK – Adrian Ravelo

Lauren Krieger

Hosted by Adrian Ravelo
Launch Date: April 03 2013 @ 2PM EST

Adrian Ravelo’s “Cloud Nine Mix Sessions” has been a popular and highly respected show on Frisky for over 4 years, reaching out to over 30,000 people a month, and featuring many all-star guest DJs. While running the show, Adrian was also touring the world, bringing his unique blend of soulful, groovy house music to the dance floor. Now he is drawing from these experiences to bring you the best from all aspects of the industry, with the all-new SoundPark.

SoundPark will be a unique stage for all members of the underground dance music industry to bring their collective influence to a united platform. Consisting of exclusive sets, interviews, reviews, photos, and more, SoundPark will be the place to be to get the latest information and hear the greatest new music. It will showcase dance music as it is supposed to be: creative, intelligent, and fun. As Adrian Ravelo says: “The World is our playground”. Tune into SoundPark and come play!