Lauren Krieger


Hosted by Herc Kass
Launch Date: April 09 2013 @ 10AM EST

Herc Kass is a passionate believer in the music. With over two decades of experience exploring and expanding with the music, he has become a well respected and highly dedicated progressive producer and DJ. He endlessly searches for new sounds, while continually fine tuning his ear for quality in the music. Herc’s technical ability and careful selections have won over lovers of the progressive genre around the world, with his live and radio DJ sets always taking listeners on an amazing emotional and physical journey.

His productions with Adam and Jayson Holden, under the moniker Chunky Fuckers, have become successful releases for Baroque, Movement, Polytechnic, Underground City Music, and Mesmeric Records. He has done guest mixes for several popular Frisky Radio shows, including Ingo Vogelmann’s Lightworks and Marc Pole’s Mind The Gap. He also made an appearance on Frisky Loves Australia, and was featured as Artist of the Week (visit to listen to this set!). Now he will be showcasing all the reasons why he has become a favorite DJ for so many, with the release of his own show: PROG:STEADY. Tune in, and trust that Herc Kass will be taking you on an incredible ride.