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Lauren Krieger

Our Pulse
Fran Von Vie
Next Episode: February 12 @ 5PM EST / 11PM CET

Fran Von Vie is quickly becoming a force in the industry with his outstanding productions and remixes, including a remix of Plastikman “Ask Yourself”. His remix of “Cut Me Down” was released on “Last Night on Earth”, and his production “Forbidden Places” (DAR) reached the Top 1 in vinyl sales. His recent release “Albatros” is already making waves, and was remixed by the legendary Oliver Lieb. In 2012 he joined the 99percent roster and is currently working on a special project to be remixed by the industry’s top producers.

His sound is always adapting, with music made from the heart, and not reliant on fitting into genres. He believes that music is meant to be felt, not understood, and this truly shows through his deep and lush sets. It is safe to say that there is much more to come from Fran Von Vie. If you missed the launch on January 8th, you can listen to it again on-demand at the new FRISKY Beta (sign up for early access now!) or catch the next episode to dive in and follow the journey.