Lauren Krieger

Hosted by Osakaman
Launch Date: October 23 2013 @ 8AM EST / 9PM TOKYO

OSAKAMAN has a uniquely smooth style, evolved from years of experience with the music. He started his music career focusing on balearic down tempo, a path that eventually led him to the deep progressive sound that he plays today. His sets are intricately designed, following a dark and hypnotic path that flows flawlessly from one tune to the next. As a live DJ, OSAKAMAN has been perfecting this method for over 12 years. He launched “Bass Works Recordings” with Sugiurumn and Nao Nomura earlier this year, and the label has already released a vast and strong set of EPs. Gulp! will be the ideal showcase for this deep and powerful music, the result of many years spent experimenting and finely tuning his sound. Featured as FRISKY Artist of the Week last month, OSAKAMAN has also appeared in multiple Feelin FRISKY episodes. Get to know him by listening to these fabulous sets, and get ready for Gulp! beginning October 23rd at 8AM EST / 9PM Tokyo.