Lauren Krieger

FutureForm Music

Presented by Herc Kass & Kieren
Launch Date: September 23 2013 @ 9AM EST / 11PM AUSTRALIA

FutureForm Music is a selective musical platform focused on forward thinking, inspiring, and immersive dance music. The FutureForm label was created with an emphasis on quality over quantity, with their initial release of Quivver’s “The Fog” EP leading the way. Featuring remixes by Cid Inc., DNYO, and Kassey Voorn, “The Fog” sets the precedent for what will surely be a long lasting and impressive future in the industry.

What better place for FutureForm to bring their musical philosophy and polished sound to the radio than Frisky? Presented by Australia’s Herc Kass and Kieren, and featuring the finest selections of progressive, tech house, and electronica, FutureForm Music will be a seamless addition to the Frisky family. Tune in and find yourself at the cutting edge of the industry, while you get lost in a unique sensory experience created especially for the listener. Begin the journey at 9AM EST / 11PM AUSTRALIA on September 23, 2013, and join in anytime after on