NEW SHOW :: FLUX – Luke Warren

Lauren Krieger

Hosted by Luke Warren
Premiere March 18 @ 1PM EST [convert timezone]

You can genuinely understand how Luke Warren feels about his music when you hear his beautifully crafted and thoughtfully blended sets. A journey from start to finish, his mixes immediately draw you in and keep you flowing until the end. Luke’s influences from the golden age of progressive can be heard within his music, a complete package that contains a subtle, smooth energy and gently progressing rhythm. With a modern sound that is definitively his own, characterized by an evolving build that gets to the heart of progressive house, Luke’s mixes reach an outstanding level of quality every time. Featured as a guest on several FRISKY shows, his Artist of the Week broadcast hit the Weekly Top 10 List, and was a fan favorite. His Logical Progression show and live DJ sets (sharing the stage with such legends as Nick Warren and Jody Wisternoff) have proven that while his music is always adapting and growing, it continues to exude the same passion and energy.

Luke’s new show Flux will continue this journey, bringing FRISKY listeners a fresh, yet familiar sound that will take you to another level with each listen. Tune in to the beginning on Tuesday March 18th at 1PM EST [convert timezone] and listen on demand any time after on