NEW SHOW :: APOCALIPSIS – Jonatan Cancino

Lauren Krieger


Hosted by Jonatan Cancino
Launch Date: April 16 2013 @ 9AM EST

Since he was young, Jonatan Cancino has been fascinated by electronic music. Growing up in Buenos Aires, he was exposed to the artists Daft Punk, Planet Funk, and Cicada, which drew him into their world. At 18 he decided to attend Escuala Sonica so he could learn how to create and play his own music. Inspired by such DJs and producers as Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Guy J, Marcelo Vasami, and Sound Process, he began to find his own sound, with a focus on Progressive House and Techno vibes to drive his sets.

Jonatan has played on radio stations around the world, including guest mixes on Frisky Radio’s popular shows Existence, Cloud Nine Mix Sessions, Labyrinth, and more. He was also featured as Artist of the Week last December and on Feelin’ FRISKY this January. Now, with his new show Apocalypsis, Jonatan will have his own platform to share his unique combination of harmonious dark grooves and highly polished sound.

Listen to Jonatan Cancino’s Existence guest mix on!