NEW SHOW :: ANGELS – Dimitris Siafarikas

Lauren Krieger

Hosted by Dimitris Siafarikas
Premiere: April 20th 2014 @ 8AM EST [convert timezone]

Dimitris “Rafe” Siafarikas is a young and passionate DJ from the small Greek town of Tirnavos, whose love for the music shines through his sets. After discovering electronic music, he began DJing in local bars and fine tuning a sound that merges deep electronica and movie score influences, a combination that creates a unique and epic journey. As a frequent guest on Addliss’ show “Waves”, as well as “Deep My Way”, Dimitris has repeatedly proven that his special blend of genres and carefully chosen track selections deserve the listeners’ undivided attention. Coming April 20th, Dimitris will host his own show on Frisky Radio’s Chill Station: “Angels”. Covering a range of relaxing, thought provoking, and creative music, “Angels” will be the the perfect avenue to transmit the special vibes of Dimitris Siafarikas.

Get a sense of what’s to come by listening to his guest mixes, and be ready to tune in on Sunday April 20th at 8AM EST, or listen any time after on