Nephra brings her dynamic musical perspectives to FRISKY with Syzygy

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Nephra’s Syzygy to feature an intense and emotional blend of underground electronic music.

With a undeniable passion for the music, Nephra has risen quickly up the ranks of India’s DJs through her dynamic, intense, and fresh sounds. Ranging from Deep House to Tech House to Techno, Nephra creates just what her audiences are looking for, always blending and combining beats to create unique and memorable experiences. With an emphasis on diversity, energy, and story telling, her mixes have caught the attention of listeners everywhere. Making her name known around the world through her live shows and multiple FRISKY guest mixes, she will also be one of the DJs featured at the giant GET FRISKY ADE Event. You won’t have to wait until then to hear her, however, with the premiere of Syzygy launching Wednesday September 2nd @ 10AM EST [convert timezone].

We caught up with Nephra to learn more about what to expect with the new show:

How would you describe your show, Syzygy?

Nephra: Syzygy will be a monthly feature of some of my favorite tunes, with a selection from genres like deep house, tech house and techno and more. However, Syzygy will not be genre focused. It will be an hour full of emotions – some subtle, some powerful, some moving and some simply pleasurable. But there will always be a personal connection being made through Syzygy – with me/Frisky, the listener and the music. With these 3 elements coming together, Syzygy will try to spread music that connects, and perhaps deliver goose bumps to the audience 🙂 Personally, I am very emotional with music, and usually my feelings speak through what I play. I think Syzygy is a step forward in this direction to help us to get get closer..

What are you most looking forward to about having your own show on FRISKY?

Nephra: I am extremely happy that I have this opportunity on my favorite radio station! India – the country where I come from, is relatively new to dance music. Therefore it is sometimes challenging to find or connect with like-minded listeners because of the sheer vastness of my country. I am very excited that through Syzygy on Frisky I will be able to share my musical experience with more people – not only in my country, but all over the world. It is very rewarding when people in my own country & those living miles away in different countries appreciate music that is not main stream. Frisky has given me a medium to reach out to more people who might be on the same frequency, or might slowly understand that frequency – and this makes me immensely happy. 🙂

What excites you about the music right now?

Nephra: Everything! It is amazing to see how music changes and impacts time, people, memories, relationships, decisions, and so much more. it is exciting to see how some artists are constantly trying to be innovative in making new music – I love it when i hear something different, which is not something off the rack or a copy paste product. This is what I will try to bring forth through Syzygy – music that is different, music that means something more than the usual.

Syzygy premieres Wednesday September 2nd @ 10AM EST [convert timezone] – be sure to tune in!

Get ready by listening to her Artist of the Week episode right now:

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