Start Your Day Off Right With Na Chaddad’s Melodic Mornings

Lauren Krieger

Preferring to let the music speak for herself, Na Chaddad invests incredible amounts of personal expression and emotion into her distinctive blend of heart-pounding beats mixed with highlighted vocals and mysterious melodies. Dark and driving, her music goes deep in order to fulfill her quest to create music which “travels inside”, inviting listeners to really feel the depths of the story that she has to tell. Believing that “the most emotional and touching tracks’ inspirations come from pain”, Na Chaddad knows how to select music to reach your core and inspire you to keep going.

Now through her new FRISKY show “Melodic Mornings“, Na Chaddad provides this opportunity every month as she makes music for listeners to feel awake, relaxed, and ready to take on the day ahead. With her premiere set reaching over 7.7K and #4 on the FRISKY Top 10 Charts, it’s obvious that underground electronic music fans are relating to her message. Tune into the next episode on November 11th @ 9 AM EST [convert timezone] or any time of day on demand with FRISKY Premium, and learn more about Na Chaddad through her interview below.

What first started your passion for electronic music?

Back when I was 12 I used to burn CDs with Electronic/Disco songs for my whole family and friends, every week a new CD. Something was triggered in my mind back there, and I can only see it now.

Therefore, as a kid, my frequently acoustic song compositions drove me to adore music. I got my first guitar when I was 7 years old and it was for sure the kickstarter of my musical journey.

The electronic scene in the late ’90s was growing, and every day I was there downloading new tracks, learning how to play them on guitar, listening to Infected Mushrooms, Fatboy Slim, Kaskade, Tiesto.

I started playing as a Dj for fun, at college parties. My best friends were from Sweden and we used to share so much about music, that did not take long for everybody to enjoy what we were playing.

The passion was only growing but was in 2016 that everything made sense, and electronic music became something bigger for me. My first project, a Duo. We started performing in every place around town, people were getting to know us, to follow us wherever we go. Everything was lightening up, and then I started my own project, which was phase 2 of my career.

What would you say is one of the best DJ sets you’ve seen? Any particular favorite performer?

A memorable one from last year at Some festival, from a Japanese Dj Hito, she just dominates those turntables, I was right behind her, and was the best set I’ve seen for sure. 

Another set was from Maceo Plex at Warung, he really inspired me very much that day, I was watching him from backstage and he is an amazing producer and performer, one of my favorites. Moreover, right at this moment I have a couple of other producers and djs that inspire me very much,  but at the top of the list as I mention are Maceo Plex, Hito, and Monolink for sure with those amazing live sets and vocals.

What has been your favorite moment as a DJ so far?

I remember the time, 5:34 am, I played one of my original track and everybody was singing it together, and the sun started to rise, and it was one of my favorite feeling playing.

But, there were so many others before that, and all those moments, keep me wanting more and more.

What’s important for you to share or communicate through your music?

I really try to create a connection between my tracks, or the tracks I am playing with the public. I want them to feel how music can travel inside your whole. It is peculiar and amazing. 

Thus, for everybody out there I would say to live in the moment, all answers lie in the arms of nature itself, face your fears, and be courageous. Moreover, contemplate the beautiful, and the details around you. Remember, music is art, what I want to play, what I love to play, the art creation, I will be playing. Music can be something unexplainable, so please, don’t just listen to it; feel it. I will always be trying to interlink, feelings with music. 

Is there a particular sound or style that you particularly enjoy listening to?

Everything about Melodic House & Techno gives me butterflies in the stomach. 

I also, love Nu Disco, 80’s. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes and goes, I get them from life situations. I’ve learned so much from pain, but usually, that makes some of the best touching and emotional music in life.

When you realize that something is not right, you want to get better, you want to change, you evolve, you start paying more attention, you care. I can be thankful for the painful times as much as the happy ones. 

But also, I get really inspired by love, long walks in nature, travel, past, future, present, the moment, what I feel in my heart within what comes around my mind. 

You mentioned that your track “Who’s Gonna Save Me Now” has special meaning for you. Can you share the story behind it?

Well, as I always said, the most emotional and touching tracks’ inspirations come from pain. This one, in particular, is a track I been working for a year now. I can’t really describe what was the feeling of producing it, but I will try. Sometimes I caught myself thinking about why this is happening, but the real question is –  for what is happening? What does God want to teach me?

When I was writing these lyrics, I felt happiness, even though emotionally shaken. But the best feeling about this whole thing and I very grateful for that is that I’ve got the opportunity to learn what real love is. Not only a specific person but yourself, your family, your dog, your friends. I am embracing something that so few lived, and is the most amazing thing in this world. I can keep loving what I love, nobody can take this from me, that’s why ” this love won’t fade away, like a wind in a rainy day “and the only person that can save me is myself. Some will say I learned this too late, and some will say, everyone has its own timing. My time was at the very moment I was writing this track, the feeling was happiness and love, to notice how fortunate I was to have lived something so grand.

What has been the most challenging part of being involved in underground electronic music? What has been the most rewarding part?

Underground music is very unique, the scene is getting bigger, especially in Brazil. However, they are used to listen to what the media put out there. (POP)

It’s a challenge to guide the public to a certain scene, but is happening. The most rewarding part is when you play your “underground” tracks or what you enjoy, what you want to play and all the people who are there, are really there, involved, enjoying, dancing, sharing the energy of the moment, and yes I can feel it. The journey to guide these people is satisfying.

Do you have any goals for your future music career?

Study more and more, play music, and get to wherever my music takes me. 

What can you tell us about your show Melodic Mornings? Anything the listeners should know?

My show is designed to make your mornings awake and relaxed at the same time. Every set is well elaborate, you will notice the connection between the tracks. Let’s say I am the storyteller and the book is called Melodic Mornings.

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