Moira Audio Recordings Tells Their Tales on DEEP

Lauren Krieger

Moira brings their smooth and cinematic sound to DEEP with Moira Tales

Budapest based Moira Audio Recordings represents a diverse style of intelligent and innovative electronic music, ranging from deep, to minimal, to techno, always with an ear towards the interesting and creative. Founded in 2013 by Khristian K and Dj Sylvie, Moira was created as a place for artists who aim to explore with their music, and for listeners who are seeking to journey with them. With no genre boundaries or limitations, they have been able to reach a wide audience, receiving support from artists such as Anthony Pappa, Claude Von Stroke, Korablev, Pablo Bolivar, Pole Folder, Nadja Lind, and many more across the globe.

Their show Moira Tales will be telling their story; led by multiple hosts and with quarterly guest mixes, it will continually feature fresh music and exclusive tracks from their distinctive catalog of sounds. The tale begins on July 12th @ 2PM EST [convert timezone]. Read more about their story, and get ready to join in:

What inspired you to create a show?

The idea came in our mind since the label Moira Audio has so wide range in international talents and DJs with their styles they represent, we thought we definitely need a platform where our smooth sound can be spread.

The show itself will have three regular hosts, by name Khristian K from Hungary, Enzo Leep from Spain and Reclame from Italy, and a Moira guest artist will represent our every fourth show. We would like to make the journey in music as wide as we can.

Moira Audio is not so strange for the Frisky audience who explore into tracklists too, in Mind Games sets usually there are some pearls from the latest and future releases, and although Mind Games is a bit darker and minimalistic, Moira Tales will have rather more styles within deep and tech, ambient or even dubtechno sets will also be heard.

What are your goals with Moira Audio Recordings?

Our goal is to deliver to our audience a little bit different but still trustfully music through our lovely like minded community of artists around the Globe. We just wanted to keep doing the classic DJ mission and infect more and more people with our sound.

How would you define the Moira sound?

Adult, dubby and minimalistic, but very cinematic also. As the scene said: Moira = somewhere between.

We try to publish unique sound which has no expiration date.

What story do you plan to tell with your new show Moira Tales?

We will come up with our music from a foggy deep valley to catch the sunlight on the mountain hill. Within one hour. So travel with us!

Don’t miss the premiere of Moira Tales, beginning July 12th @ 2PM EST [convert timezone] on DEEP

Moira Tales