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Miss Nine: “Don’t Stop” Doing What Brings You Joy

R.A. Bakr

FRISKY News caught up with Miss Nine about her new release ‘Don’t Stop’, ADE and what brings her happiness and joy.

From wide-ranging eclectic grooves to deep progressive sounds, Miss Nine has always kept major presence within the dance scene. After debating whether or not to continue her electronic music career, Miss Nine, together with Sif Saga and DJ Tonka, recently released a pumping new energetic house track that they had in the works after collaborative talks one evening while in New York.

‘Don’t Stop’ resonates “no matter where you are in life and unsure of your direction – just keep moving forward and ‘don’t stop’ doing what brings joy to your life.” With upbeat ‘90s house vibes and blended upfront tech-house elements, there’s no denying that ‘Don’t Stop’ is, as Miss Nine describes, a “proper tune that would take you back to a time”.

Miss Nine is no stranger to FRISKY. Her show Channel Nine first aired in May 2008 and has been a FRISKY staple ever since. And for the avid club goer, chances are you’ve witnessed Miss Nine behind the decks at A-list clubs around the world and sharing main stage lineups at every major dance festival.

Born Kristin Schrot in Germany, Miss Nine gravitated towards the scene after relocating to Amsterdam where she launched her DJ career in 2003. But before her talents progressed and evolved into the artist we know today, Miss Nine’s journey began as an international model with Elite Model Management.

She’s joined numerous campaigns with magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Shape among many more. And Kristin has also been the face for iconic brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, John Paul Gaultier, Levi’s and – yes – that’s Miss Nine behind Pioneer DJ Gear that includes the Pioneer DJ 350 series and awesome Limited Edition White CDJ-2000s.

House music is back”, Miss Nine said further adding, “we can see it across all genres of electronic music. It’s great to see the younger crowd rocking out to records that sample the classics, that makes me very happy.”

A very simple reminder to us all is ‘Don’t Stop’! Miss Nine sums it up best quoting Ultra Naté’s 1997 track ‘Free’ by saying, “be free to do what you want to do”.

Hi Kristin! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with me and FRISKY News. The story behind your latest single ‘DON’T STOP’ suggests no matter how unsure of where life may take you – just keep moving forward. Looking back on the track, tell me more about the story and provide some insight into what inspired you to do this track.

You know for the past few years I have been debating whether or not I should continue with my music career. With the evolution of not only the sound but, also the music business in general I started to have doubts about everything. Luckily, I always had a core group of friends and most important my family who also pushed me to not give up, so I decided to create an energetic track that would literally get me off my ass and get me moving hence the name “Don’t Stop”

What keeps you moving forward while bringing you both joy and happiness?

Being alive! I see so many people complaining about the simple things in life, which sadly we take for granted. Such as being able to walk, talk and most importantly breathing – despite the air being a bit polluted but, we’re working on that, lol! I have learned with time to just be happy and find joy in the little things and appreciate what I have…punto y basta!

You wrote this track together with Sif Saga and Thomas-René Gerlach aka DJ Tonka. Describe the creative and collaborative process that went into the production?

I was in New York with my friend Sif who always had a passion for singing and I had already been talking to Tonka about working together and it just happen to be that we were all in NYC at the same time. One day we all went to dinner and started brainstorming and we collectively thought it would be great to bring back a true New York 90s dance floor house banger. This was and is such an important era for house music so why not show it some love with a proper tune that would take you back to a time when we could all “be freeeeeee to do what you want to do…”

When you want to relax from day to day routines, which artist or track do you usually turn to?

I’m a big 80s geek to be completely honest, give me some Toto-Africa and a little 90s Daft Punk and I am ready to go. Feel free to check out my chill-out playlist on Spotify.

Some may say we’re living in extreme and difficult times. Generally speaking, how do you feel music is uniquely qualified for connecting and elevating people during uncertain times?

Look no further than to “We Are The World” by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. Look at how one song brought together so many different people from so many different genres of music. This one song showed all of us how when we put our difference aside, we can all be one.

Contrast your experience as a fashion model to that of working in the music industry.

When you are hired as a model the client is the boss. Your creative input is limited as opposed to when I am in the studio making a record, I am the final decision maker!

With that said, what’s your perspective when reflecting on your earlier work?

A lot has changed from when I first started. I am older and wiser. And now, have creative control over my career. A lot of artists at their early stage can sometimes hand things off to other people who may or may not have the best interest of the artist. Nowadays, I have learned to read the fine lines and to always surround myself with professionals.

What’s your take currently of the industry and where do you feel you fit into it at this point in your career?

House music is back! And we can see it across all genres of electronic music. It’s great to see the younger crowd rocking out to records that sample the classics, that makes me very happy. To answer your second question, I would ask you the following, where do I not fit? I don’t think we should be classifying anyone into genres anymore but, rather just good DJ’s and producers. This whole genres and sub-genre is getting so confusing. I make what I like and don’t put myself in a box. I hope I can be seen as a well-rounded producer and artist, that would make me feel accomplished.

Do you believe it’s truly possible for the male-dominated electronic music industry to ever view women as equals?

I refer to my last answer. Let’s not look at male or female dominance but, rather who are the top dogs in the game paving the way for the next generation.

I see you will be at ADE this October. What’s your favorite thing to do or place to go while in Amsterdam? Any travel advice for someone who may be going there for the first time?

I have lived in Amsterdam for many years now, so I have the ability to enjoy it on a regular basis. I personally love riding my bike around Vondelpark and finding a nice quite place to get some sun. It’s very peaceful especially in the mornings. As for the first-time visitors, you have to check out the swing on top of the Adam tower, it’s freaking insane! Go on it and make sure to NOT drop your phone while taking pictures! Trust me…. I KNOW!

What’s next for Miss Nine?

With the year quickly coming to an end I have a few more releases coming in October alongside with my Asia tour and some pretty exciting fashion campaigns! Make sure to check out my Instagram @djmissnine and @kristinschrot for the latest news and updates! Thanks, and hope to see you guys on the dance floor soon!

Sending special thanks to Kristin (Miss Nine) for taking time out to chat with me on behalf of FRISKY News and to her gracious team coordinating our interview.

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