Mike Haddad Brings Diverse Dimensions to DEEP with Sonic

Lauren Krieger

Discover DEEP grooves with the premiere of Mike Haddad’s Sonic

With a passion for telling stories through the music, Mike Haddad reaches beyond the ordinary to discover and share music with a distinguished and distinctive sound. His smooth and free flowing selections are woven seamlessly, his fresh love of DJing evident in the mindful way he connects each piece with style and grace. Born and raised in Montreal, Mike Haddad has been making an impact on his local scene through his passion for moving the dance floor and transporting his listeners through a continuously evolving sound. His Artist of the Week mix exemplifies this unique and effective style, and with almost 18K listens, it is evident that the FRISKY listeners worldwide feel the groove that he truly loves to share. Now he will be launching his own exclusive show on DEEP: Sonic. Premiering Nov 10th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone], tune into and be a part of start of Mike Haddad’s latest story.

Before it begins, get to know Mike Haddad:

What first drew you into the music?

My first love was always hip hop. My affinity for electronic music only developed in the last 4 years. I was truly drawn to this music once I was discovering atmospheric artists like David August, and also the darker wizards like Dixon. I figured, as a DJ, I’d like to capture at least a little bit of that story telling narrative in any given set.

What has been one of your favorite memories as a DJ?

Some of the best memories I’ve had as a DJ is when I’m given some freedom to set a certain mood. Especially when I’m throwing my own parties, and have control of the entire night; that can make for some special moments.

How would you describe your personal style?

If I had to give a description to my style I would emphasize the desire for groove. Although I love the deep, melodic, and often oriental sounds, all my sets need to resonate a certain moving groove that keeps people dancing.

If there was one thing that you hope your audience experiences when they listen to your music, what would it be?

When playing live, the only thing that matters to me is that people are moving and smiling. To be able to experience the music and choose to dance and smile, is all I can ask for as a DJ. When the time and place is right, I want people to be transported and feel the evolution of the set.

Feel that evolution for yourself on Sonic, premiering November 10th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone] on DEEP. Tune in live or listen on-demand & offline with FRISKY Apps.

Mike Haddad – Sonic