Midnight Traffic Creates a DEEP Experience with Eterno


Midnight Traffic joins DEEP with the premiere of Eterno

Rishi aka Midnight Traffic is no stranger to Frisky’s underground sounds and have been featured on Artist Of The Week and sLick!Cast before. Now he is back on Frisky with his own show. Rishi began his journey to electronic music as a listener much like most of us here. Gradually started getting more involved in the music and took up DJing. Later on with the production style, he has been delivering some of the best deep and progressive sounds. He is known for experimenting with sounds and we can see that through the tracks released in recent past (Pentagram, Standout, and Digging). They all are the result of being open to different genre and not restricting oneself.

Here he is as Midnight Traffic. Let’s welcome him once again.

How would you describe your relationship with Electronic music?

For me electronic music is a way of life. It goes beyond just festivals, venues and dance floors. To me, it’s an experience both for the DJ and the listeners. The genres and sub-genres of electronic music are so vast today and so different there is a sound for every time of the day, every place in the world and every situation you’re in. This relationship of the experience is what I think of electronic music. You can’t define the relationship in one sentence but rather a lifetime of experiences for me both as a listener and as a DJ.

What do you aim to communicate through your music as a DJ or as a producer?

My biggest aim when I play a set is to give the listeners an experience. I think today, listeners are so educated on music you have to keep it fresh for them every time, especially here in India (Which is growing exponentially). Gone are the days when you could come and play the top 30 bangers and get a reaction from a crowd. When I play a set I want the listeners to be surprised and enjoy the story I’m trying to tell through my music. I think it’s amazing when you get support from a similar group of people weekend after weekend; that means they trust in what you are going to deliver. This puts a lot of pressure since it is a big responsibility for anyone as a DJ but something I really enjoy and appreciate.

Similarly, with producing, the idea is to obviously gain inspiration from some of my favourite labels such as Sudbeat, Afterlife, Steyoyoke, Ellum, Suara, Noir and Qilla Records to name a few. Beyond the inspiration though, I want to create something unique and exciting that would make people proud to say ‘this was made in India’.

How do you approach discovering new tracks?

I listen to a lot of sets/podcasts to gain inspiration. Beyond that I go through charts, explore new label releases, follow some of the underground labels/artist where you find some hidden gems.

What is your favourite part of producing?

Quite frankly I enjoy the alone time! But also the chance to express myself through another medium. Mixing a set of tracks produced by other artists is one thing. But to be able to tell a story in a production of your own is a completely different experience. Of course the reaction of colleagues and friends when they listen to my track the first time is something that always makes me smile.

What are your favourites of your own tracks?

My last release on Qilla Records “Pentagram EP” and the upcoming remix that I did for FALKO on Zephyr Music Records.

What have you decided to call the show?

‘ETERNO’ means Eternal or Timeless. If you describe something as timeless, you mean that it is so good or beautiful that it cannot be affected by changes. Hence the idea behind the name for the show Eterno, as I aim to carve out a niche with my selection of music and at the same time also create a long lasting journey or impression in the listeners mind.

Get started on the journey July 26th @ 10AM EST [convert timezone] on DEEP: