Micron & Josh Wink Stand Together for Manchester

Lauren Krieger

Micron hosts a special fundraiser to benefit the victims of the Manchester attack.

Micron, the party hosts who recently celebrated their 10th anniversary of bringing their “Wonky Disco” to the people, recently announced a special event to support the victims of the Manchester attack. Known for creating a tight knit atmosphere that feels like a big group of friends, Micron is seeking to bring the community together in support of the city they call home. Featuring Josh Wink, who greatly reduced his booking fees in order run the event as a fundraiser, and local legend Jon Dasilva who is DJing for free, this will be a special night where you can get lost in the music while uniting for an important cause. All proceeds, including the ticketing fees from Skiddle, will be donated to the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund, where funds go to the families of victims of the attack.

About the event:

Legendary Manchester clubnight, Micron, returns to their hometown for the first time since their 10th Birthday celebrations in November. Not only that but they’re going back to where it all started – Joshua Brooks (now renamed Versions) – the venue where they ran monthly parties for the first six years.

Philadelphia-born acid house hero Josh Wink is in the driving seat this time, continuing Micron’s recent policy that all their headliners perform minimum 3 hours sets – Carl Craig, Âme, Magda, Derrick Carter and Michael Mayer have all done so in recent months.

Under its previous name, Joshua Brooks won a series of awards including Manchester Evening News’ ‘Best Venue’ as well as DJ Mag’s ‘Best Small Club’. As Versions, the venue has only got bigger and better, increasing capacity and installing a brand new Void soundsystem.

When I spoke to Micron founder Gareth Chubb, he explained what makes Manchester so special to them:

“It’s been Micron’s main home for nearly 11 years now even though we’ve done stuff all over the UK and Europe. It just felt right to donate as much for the fundraiser as possible. Most of the crew still lives there and those that don’t return for the parties when we host them there. The same with our friends who have also moved away – they always come back, especially for our special events like the birthdays (each November) or for very special causes like this one.”

The space itself adds another level to the experience:

“The venue is where we held the very first Micron party way back in 2006 and where we ran monthly parties (sometimes more than one per month) every year for the first 6. After that we started doing more occasional parties, and in different spaces. This is our first event back at Versions (formerly known as Joshua Brooks) since that time and it seemed like the appropriate place to host it, with it being such an important event to us. Josh Wink is one of our heroes! His mixes and productions were so influential when we first started the brand and continue to be. He also very very kindly reduced his fee significantly so that we could give 100% of the proceeds to the fundraiser. Jon Dasilva is a Hacienda and Manchester legend who has offered to play for us completely free. Basically we have two acid house dons now on the lineup!”

In an interview with Skiddle, Josh Wink shares his thoughts on the responsibility of dance music artists to deliver sociopolitical messages:

“As an entertainer I feel I have the responsibility to do the best craft I can do. And that is to know the bounds between education and entertainment. When I get too far down one I can bring myself back to the other. I took a little bit more responsibility with ‘Resist’, to talk about issues in the press.

But dance music is originally a way for people to go out. It’s been part of our culture, part of our religion. We used drugs, songs and dance in religion from our earliest existence as humans. It’s mutated into what we have now and it’s become a way to balance our hectic lifestyles. Sometimes I use that platform, other times I let the music speak for itself, let it be subjective. 

There are some terrible things happening in the world in terms of terrorism and fear and what happens is becoming a reality, in the UK, in France and it’s maybe going to spread. Again, you have the choice, do something about it or don’t do something about it.”

Capturing the essence of the underground community, joining together for something greater, this Micron event will be something extra special. Here’s the info you need to know:

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