Luna keeps the underground scene thriving in Liverpool

Lauren Krieger

Steve Parry and Nick Gartland get us ready for Luna and Motion’s Day and Night event pwrd by FRISKY.

In 2012, Luna was created to bring the best qualities of Liverpool’s deep electronic music history and bring it into the future by focusing on music, community, friendships, and good times. They have already made this goal a reality, hosting events that cover a wide variety of genres, and featuring DJs that truly bring everyone together for the sake of enjoying music to the fullest. As their mission states: “The aim was to provide an underground, intimate party. The vibe was simple, we wanted to create a place for discerning house and techno heads to enjoy the best underground music in a great venue with a brilliant atmosphere.”  Their Day and Night event on July 11th will be living this mission to the fullest, with a Summer Day/Night Party across two venues in conjunction with Liverpool Promoter – Motion, headlined by Noir and Detlef, supported by a stellar cast of local DJs, and powered by FRISKY.

Steve Parry, Luna resident and host of FRISKY show Selador Sessions along with Nick Gartland, Luna’s Promoter, tell us more about their vision and what to expect with the latest Luna and Motion event going on this weekend.


How did Luna Liverpool begin?

Steve – Liverpool for many years thrived on its ‘small room’ club nights. People that wanted to push their sound. Often with surprisingly big named DJs for the size of the venue… however we noticed that this all come to a halt. So we wanted to bring that vibe back. Good friends, dancing to good DJs playing good music. We didn’t want to take over the World, we just wanted a good night to play good music at.

What do you think sets Luna events apart? What is it that makes them special?

Nick – There is no musical boundary for Luna. We have booked DJs across the electronic spectrum, from disco to house to tech house and techno with the likes of Ralph Lawson, Stephan Bodzin and Frisky’s own Dave Seaman. I think Lunas are special as they attract a clued up crowd and it’s a bit like a family, the crowd now each other from Liverpool’s clubbing community.


What is the most important quality you look for when choosing venues and acts to be included in your events?

Steve – I’m certainly one that gets excited when Luna is looking for an artist to book for an event. Its a combination of somebody that is going to play music we love, and hopefully that people won’t have seen DJ before (or not very often). This brings something a bit exciting musically. And with our broad musical tastes as Nick mentioned, these DJs can be wildy varying musically – but thats great. Good music is good music, and our crowd seem to like the fact that we mix it up a bit.

Nick – We have held events in various cellar clubs and warehouse spaces. By far my favourite venue is the one we have held two previous parties in and are holding the day part of the Summer party with Noir and Detlef, Constellations on 11th July. It’s a warehouse in the cool Baltic area of Liverpool which has a huge garden space next to it! It ticks the box for a huge summer party under the sun!


Tell us more about the upcoming Day & Night show. What can people expect to experience?

Nick – The day part is headlined by Defected’s Noir from Denmark with a supporting bill from Liverpool’s massive pool of talent. The music has been planned to suit the time of the day, from laid back grooves to disco to funk then ending on the more chunkier end with house and tech! We move over the road to The Garage Warehouse in the night where it will be headlined by Viva Warriors’ Detlef bringing the party to a close with his more tougher sounds!

What does the future hold for Luna Liverpool?

Nick – What I really miss are really long sets from a DJ, where to use a cliché, you are taken on a musical journey……. this is something I would like Luna to explore…watch this space!

In the mean time, join them this weekend for DAY & NIGHT Powered by FRISKY Radio!

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