Let Of Norway take you on a Departure from the Norm

Lauren Krieger

Of Norway brings their exceptional style to FRISKY with the launch of Departure From The Norm

Of Norway brings a uniquely creative and remarkable sound to the underground electronic music world. Not afraid to play outside the box, the music from the Oslo based duo contains a fun and playful, yet thoughtful and intelligent vibe, unlimited by genre or expectation.

Their productions are filled with deftly blended layers of well designed sound, and their remixes take the originals down deep and hypnotic paths. Their skill and distinctive style has drawn the attention of many esteemed labels, and they’ve seen releases on Connaisseur Recordings, Darkroom Dubs, My Favourite Robot, Supernature, Suruba, Soma and more.

Of Norway’s live sets and mixes cover a variety of genres, while featuring seamless integration and absorbing story lines. Their FRISKY Artist of the Week episode takes you on a true journey, from a mellow introduction, through beautiful breakdowns and deep beats, each moment leading smoothly to the next.

Departure From The Norm will be your monthly destination for engrossing eclectic electronic music – be sure to catch the beginning on February 18th at 4PM EST [convert timezone]!

Of Norway – Departure From The Norm