Let Cirque Noir be your guide on the road to Black Rock City

Lauren Krieger

Cirque Noir travels to LA with a unique Burning Man pre-compression event.

We’ve seen in the past that The Cirque Noir crew always brings something special to their events, an all-encompassing experience that transports you into another space through music, visuals, and thrills. It’s only fitting that the dark circus be your guide before you continue your adventure into the desert and on to Black Rock City. This creative group of artists, musicians, and performers will be gathering for a unique exclusive event in Los Angeles on August 25th, creating a space to enjoy a sexy, beautiful, and expansive experience on your way to Burning Man. With DAVI headlining and the Cirque Noir crew supporting, there will exciting and engrossing adventures at every turn. Read on to learn more:

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How did the idea for a pre-compression Burning Man event come about?

This is our 3rd year traveling down the roads to ‘Black Rock City’ and making the journey to this magical spot in the deserts of Nevada.  The reasoning behind calling it a pre-compression event comes from the connotations of the word: a warming-up of sorts, for your mind and body.  We hope to begin the mental release from daily life and worries. Our awesome CN crew will be traveling in a group of close to thirty close family friends; ready to celebrate a life of positivity, art, and music.  We want to set the tone for the trip through the conduit of a pre-compression in Los Angeles, before hitting the road to Black Rock Desert.

What is it about LA that drew you in as the next destination for Cirque Noir?

We have some other members from the Cirque Noir crew based in LA, and it is the largest city in proximity to Burning Man.  We wanted to not only do just another show for the magic believers in the City of Angels, but also show the metropolis how Cirque Noir can induce sexy, beautiful vibes through our dark circus, right in time for Burning Man.

Did you have a headliner DJ in mind from the outset?

Yes, we will have DAVI performing: (Crosstown Rebels, Anjunadeep) We believe to be one of the most respected producers/DJ in the scene.  As one of the first Cirque Noir performers, we believe he would be the perfect fit. Not only is he is a very close friend of the dark circus, but also a resident of the city of Los Angeles.  Our residents are flying in to perform as well:  Bartlee, Frank Liu (aka Futurelix), Cirque Noir Live, r33f, Booki and more to come.  Our Visual curator from Houston, Taylo Spank, will be in attendance to tell our story throughout the evening, detailing the dark circus.

What are the most important things that Cirque Noir will be taking on the road?

As always, the dark musical circus will be bringing our Circus goers the music, the art, and the visuals, the performances, along with the amazing body painter and fashion designer Marvaan.   He will be joining our magical ride and curating an experience by recreating a caravan and taking us down the road to the Desert long before we get in our RVs.

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What are the most important things that guests will take away from Cirque Noir?

The most important aspect of this show, as well as our previous shows, is giving everyone a night of sound and visuals stimulated by their emotions and heightened by their senses.  What better than giving your desires what they yearn for so much? Imagine the scent of an open fire, its very essence entering your thoughts, creating visions of an artist painting with wild abandon.  While the artist embellishes his masterpiece, a pulsing rhythm is created in the circus tent bringing an atmosphere of percussion, melodies, and harmonies, driven by our ring leaders of sound:  DAVI and the Cirque Noir residents.

Will you be heading to Black Rock City next? Are there any other surprises in store for Cirque Noir?

After this years burn the plan is to attend again next year, however, as with previous events, the dark circus is all about unpredictability and spontenaity.  New news surrounding Cirque Noir will always continue to stream, therefore we hope you will stay tuned!  The musical circus hopes to give even more cities a glimpse into the cauldron of emotions when we come to town.  Our hope is to guide the journeyman seeking new experiences and new tastes in the world of art, music, and spirituality.

The circus will be coming to a town near you very soon!

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Cirque Noir presents:

“One road leads home…a thousand roads lead in to the wilderness…”

Roll out the carpets and pitch your tents for pre-compression to the Roads to Black Rock Desert, with Cirque Noir in Downtown Los Angeles, August 25th. Clear your senses and let your feelings and emotions focus on an industrial musical circus. Your imagination can begin to conjure up the rest of your journey once you arrive at the circus.

Surprises are better than promises…

Pre – compression to the roads of black rock desert.

– Ringleaders of sound:

DAVI / Crosstown Rebels, Anjunadeep
Cirque Noir LIVE
Futurelix LIVE
r33f / ATX
Booki / LA

– Roads of Black Rock Desert Interactive

Musical circus acts
Live crafted visuals by Taylo SpPank
Transformative Tribal Makeup and body Decorating by Marvaan
Black Roads memory maker Photo Station
Many more surprises to come…

Keep an ear tuned to Cirque Noir on FRISKY DEEP for live recordings, and in the mean time catch up with their archive of deep & outstanding mixes:

Listen Now: Cirque Noir