Legendary label Baroque Records launches new show on FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Keith McDonnell talks about Baroque Records’ lasting impact and exciting future.

Formed over 15 years ago, Baroque Records is run by Keith McDonnell (Innate), and has been an established and vital piece of the underground electronic music scene since 2000. With timeless releases including Odessi “Moments of Space”, Innate “Roots Rock”, Tilt “Headstrong”, and Quivver “Bozboz”, Baroque quickly established itself as one of the most consistent labels for the best progressive house. From strong beginnings, Baroque has continued to grow and adapt tilt-baroquealongside the music, now offering over 300 releases from a variety of genres including deep house, techno, tech house, chill out, and more, each track containing the energy and soul that Baroque has offered from the very beginning. Featuring a long list of influential producers and remixers such as Minilogue, Satoshi Tomiie, D-Nox & Beckers, Oliver Moldan, Jerome Ism-ae, Glenn Morrison, (and a list that goes on & on!) many FRISKY residents have also been released on Baroque, including Shiloh, Yuriy from Russia, MUUI, Suffused, Bobby Deep, and Stuart King.

The next step in Baroque’s legendary story begins Jan 15th 2015, with a brand new show on FRISKY.

Keith McDonnell is a name well known in the industry for his accomplishments as DJ, Producer, and label owner. His experience DJing from his home base in Coventry to renowned clubs all around the world, has given him a vast and vital set of knowledge, connections, and vision that has carried on to his other ventures in the music industry. His productions under the “Innate” moniker made impacts on the early 00’s scene with tracks such as “Changes” on Platipus and “Barotek” with Bill Hamel and Andy Moor on Sunkissed, as well as several releases on his own Baroque Records. With over a decade of dedication to the music, Keith McDonnell knows how to find the best tracks and seek out the latest up and coming DJs and producers.

He tells us more about this exciting new venture for Baroque, and what the new year will have in store for his accomplished label:

What can we expect to hear on the Baroque radio show?

All the new releases on Baroque & its sister labels, of course :), plus some exclusive forthcoming material and a selection of the demos we receive… let’s see how they go down! We will also have some mini guest mixes from some DJ friends of the labels & some of the producers we work with.

What do you think attributes to the long lasting success of Baroque Records?

I’m honestly not sure I could pinpoint it to anything in particular, we are truly grateful for the fact that we have been able to keep releasing music , from great artists, for this long though.. that’s for sure! That’s probably it actually, we are very lucky to have worked with some great producers over the years, who consistently deliver quality sounds, we are just the vehicle to take it out there into the public domain. I have also always have worked on the label full time too, and i guess that makes a difference, I’m not doing this for a couple of hours here and there as a part time thing. It is a full time job and 100% goes into the label. So the combination of great music from great artists, and hard work I guess.

Are there any new producers that you think will be making an impact this year?

There are loads! Honestly we get over 100 demos a week and a lot of them are quality, we don’t have the capacity to sign them all but there are loads of talented guys coming through. We have actually started a new monthly mini LP series this year to cater for the amount of new music we receive that deserves to be released… as we generally have the next 4-6 months of single releases lined up in advance, and it’s not fair to keep the producers waiting longer then that, but at the same time we don’t want to see this music go unreleased, so we have started ‘Multi Media’ which will be a monthly collection of 5 brand new & exclusive tracks that will literally come straight from our producers desks to be released! We could sign a track one week and release it 2 weeks later with his new format. And it’s not just for new artists, even some of our established artists are deciding they don’t want to wait 5 months for a single release & are asking to put their track out quickly one one of these collections.

As regards to specific names of artists that we are really tipping this year, we have an artist called Binome who are making some ridiculously good twisted techno sounds for us, the same goes for Terje Saether. We also have a Adwer & Stereo for Two, who we released some great music from last year and have more coming in 2015 which I think will really propel them. Adwer’s next single ‘My Kingdom’ is bloomin Large! Model1 is another guy who released last year and I think will blow up in 2015. His new single is out on Baroque on 26th Jan and it is a sound which I’d say typifies Baroque’d traditional sound… dark, chunky but energetic & groovy!  Another one which falls into that typical baroque sound category would be The Blax , their ‘electricness’ single is still hot now & we are hoping to get some more from them in 2015! Finally, if you haven’t heard of him yet, Dubspeeka very kindly did a remix for us last year, and he was already on his way up then, but 2015 is going to be a very big year for him I feel.

What are you most excited about for 2015?

All of the above! haha. Seriously it is all about the music for me. We have a number of exciting singles & a couple of album projects too. We have a couple of new singles from Weekend Heroes, who we haven’t worked with for a while, so that’s exciting. A couple of mini concept remix albums from Yuriy from Russia & Ferdas Digital, as well as the Multi Media album… and of course this new radio show too. But whichever way you look, it’s all about the music!

Learn more about Baroque Records on their website: www.baroquerecords.co.uk

Premiering January 15th at 6PM EST [convert timezone] Baroque will be bringing the best new music every month. You won’t want to miss an episode!

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