Transport Through the Music with Leandro Fresco

Lauren Krieger

Leandro Fresco’s signature soothing and transformational sound has solidified his space in the electronic music world.

A true musician at heart, Leandro Fresco’s first forays into production began when he received a PC and synthesizer at 16 years old. Since then, he has never stopped following his passion for sound. Considering himself a “non-musician”, Leandro’s talent comes not from traditional studies, but from a natural aptitude for creating and playing music. Releasing his first experimental and creative album Cápsula in 1996, Leandro has spent his life building a career that has expanded beyond the ordinary.

His variety of involvement in the music industry has ranged from producing albums for Kompakt’s Pop Ambient Series, to touring with Gustavo Cerati’s band Soda Stereo as a keyboardist and vocalist, to composing music for the animated film Mercano, The Martian. Through all of his many different roles, Leandro’s connection to the music can be experienced through the emotions felt by the listener, and discovered in the places that his sound transports you to. Sometimes that place is The Invisible Kingdom, the perfect name for his popular CHILL show, one that builds a magical space for relaxation and transformation.

With his signature melodies and warm, colorful textures, Leandro Fresco has solidified his spot in Argentina’s musical history. He continues to produce avidly, with a variety of projects currently in the works. It is for certain that Leandro will continue to create and share the music that moves him, that which is sure to move you too.

I was excited to catch up with Leandro, to discover what has been exciting and new for him, and to get some insight into his musical mind:

What current projects are you working on that excite you?

Several things at once. The process of making an album may take a while… at the same time another project may arise to which I am invited to participate; eg at the end of last year I did the audio for a video art installation by Charly Nijensohn, an Argentine artist who lives in Berlin.

Last month I joined Hernan Cattaneo as a singer for his cycle of presentations with a symphonic orchestra.

Sometimes they invite me to do some Remixes… I also collaborated in the music of two independent films, and I’m projecting the music for a documentary with a friend.

I’ve finished an album in collaboration with Thore Pfeiffer, and also am doing new music with Rafael Anton Irisarri.

Could you give us an idea of ​​your daily production routine?

After lunch I start work in front of the computer, I have some equipment at home. My family lives in San Martin de los Andes, in the Argentine Patagonia, and during the year I spend several months there.

I usually do the composition during those Patagonic stays and then I finish the technical part of the audio in Buenos Aires.

Lately I am collaborating with 2 friends doing music, Rafael Anton Irisarri who lives in NYC and Thore Pfeiffer who lives in Mainz, Germany. With them we communicate via wp and by mail, they are very fun conversations and we talk about everything.

In the middle I do everything that arises spontaneously: meetings, sometimes I act as a DJ, I record 2 monthly radio shows, sometimes I have to be a singer. A time ago, for more than 10 years I worked playing in a rock band, recording albums and doing tours. Different things at the same time.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a musician and producer?

As to all of us, what happens around, affects me in a way or another. I do not know what challenges I could list. I see the future in what I do, as a path without direction in which I persist, in order to release music (which is what I like and I am lucky to be able to do), and that people who want it, can hear it.

Has your approach changed to work in music over the years?

The sound of my productions has varied a bit, I have allowed myself to work on musical projects that sometimes have nothing to do with the world of electronic music or ambient.

I like to get closer to music from different places.

What inspires you, in your music and your life?

The contact with nature.

I would love to hear about singing for the Symphony project “Connected” by Hernan Cattaneo, can you share your experience?

Hernan is a huge DJ here in Argentina.

Last year, and thanks to a common friend producer named Oliverio, I had the opportunity to join the team Hernán was putting together for #Connected.

We rehearsed for days with the orchestra, Hernan and its producers. I had to participate singing 4 songs during the set, then there were 4 concerts between February and March at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, which is a traditional opera site, plus a free outdoor concert for the people. It was great to join the project from that place.

What do you expect people to experience when they listen to your music?

I do not think too much about that, I’m going to use the words of my friend Raf: “I only limit myself to releasing music so that it reaches people who want to listen to it.”

If I fantasize a bit, I think I would like to transport the traveler to an emotional and artificial place at the same time.

Transport yourself by listening to the latest episode of The Invisible Kingdom now:

The Invisible Kingdom