LastEDEN gets ready to transport with No Tension

Lauren Krieger

 Let LastEDEN create a space for your relaxation with No Tension

Kirill Zverev has been exploring and experimenting with electronic sound since he got his first synthesizer in 1994. Since then he has been dedicated to creating and recording his own compositions, eventually defining his music through the moniker “LastEDEN”, a place for calm, peaceful, and tranquil vibes. With a focus on building worlds where you can let go of your worries and relax into the music, LastEDEN has been perfecting his style, creating, and sharing music for decades. Now he will be taking that music to new levels with the launch of “No Tension” on July 3rd, only on FRISKY CHILL.

We caught up with him to tell us more about this project & more:


What is the origin story of LastEDEN?

The birth of the project LastEDEN occurred in 2003. Although my own tracks I’ve been composing since 1994. But by 2003 decided to make my creativity in a project. Why was born the name – LastEDEN? There were many variants of the name, but the phrase “Last Eden” seemed the most accurate in the spirit of my music. But for greater awareness I decided to write the name of my project as one word ))

What is your favorite thing about music, specifically chillout/ambient?

I grew up on the music of “Enigma”. My favorite track – Enigma «Return to innocence». It’s brilliant. There are two groups that formed my tastes and my future tracks. Depeche mode and A-Ha.

What do you find are the most challenging and most rewarding parts of creating chill mixes?

In my opinion the hardest part of any mix is a selection of high-quality interesting original tracks. But the most useful and interesting is to combine in the mix all the tracks so that the listener perceived the entire mix as a single track.


Are there any specific messages or emotions you hope to convey through your music?

Your music and mixes I want to convey to the listener peace and tranquility. The listeners should not be any tension. Hence was born the name of my show – «No tension»

What can listeners expect to hear on “No Tension”?

Partially I have already answered this question above. I want the listener plunged into the atmosphere of calm, reflection and spiritual harmony.

I hope my new show “No tension” will help listeners to find new emotions, to reflect on life, love and hope. Thank you.

Wonderful LastEDEN, thank you!

Tune into the premiere Sunday July 3rd @ 1PM EST [convert timezone] only on FRISKY CHILL

LastEDEN – No Tension