La Beat Introduces Intimate & Exploratory Mixes on Madame

R.A. Bakr

With never thinking of having a career in music, Mexico-based producer, La Beat, has been delivering melodic dub podcasts for the past decade. Her world travels embody underground influences from different music scenes and remains passionate of discovering emerging talents for her podcast.

Her relationship with electronic music began in 2010 while living in Morocco. “I have always been drawn to human expression through music, and I believe in music as an ancient form for reaching a state of bliss”, she says. “I started learning how to mix soon after discovering the electronic scene. I wanted to be able to weave my own selections and guide my friends through a musical journey of my own.”

Whether it’s a passion for some or a hobby for others, music, like all art forms, is a way of expression. La Beat’s artistic discipline stems from her photography and expressing feelings through various mediums. As she explains, “Sometimes I can create complete ethnic sets and sometimes I can go deep into techno or minimal. I like to explore different scenes and worlds through the music I select.”

Her show Madame showcases an intimate display of song and mixing style that translates into a unique minimal sound fusing dub and melodic techno. “I have an obsession with high hats and percussions and for me is more about the groove and simple music”, La Beat said.

Listen to La Beat’s stellar guest mixes as we get ready for the premiere of Madame on Tuesday April 14th @ 8 PM EST [convert timezone]

La Beat

It’s a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to the FRISKY family – I’m excited about our interview! How are you and how have you and your family managed to adjust to societal changes due to the COVID—19 outbreak?

Hi Rhanda! I am good and so is my family. We are lucky to be able to take a pause from this busy world, obligated by the coronavirus outbreak. But I see it as an opportunity to quiet my mind and go deeper into my creative self. Having extra time that I never thought I had to simply create! The world is going through some difficult times! And when things happen, we can only do one thing, and that is to look for the positive side in all this madness and stay creative.

Kindly share with me your backstory. What was life growing up like and what made you start playing music?

I grew up in Mexico, which is a very lively place. Full of culture, and full of contrasts. Since going to school, I remember burning CDs for me and my friends. I was always looking for new and exciting music of all genres. Slowly, I started defining my taste and my music collection kept growing and growing.

Once I left Mexico to go to university, this is when I really came across a genre that changed my life, which is electronic. I was amazed by how people gathered to only listen to music and dance. I had grown up with a very different scene which revolved around getting a table and dancing with a guy. And it felt really liberating and totally different being able to experience a rave, where the only focus of the night was to DANCE by yourself. Seeing this nightlife made me really fall in love with the feeling of letting go for a night, or two just simply enjoying the music

With that said, kindly share with me about your key influences. Who all has played a key role in your development as an artist and how did you break into the industry?

So, my first night at a rave I had the chance of seeing Sven Vath perform at Matter in London. It was 2010, and it really blew my mind. So I came into the scene admiring really big names like Sven, Richie Hawtin, Magda, Stimming, Reboot, Sacha, Villalobos, etc. So these were my beginnings, and with time I started shifting to the movement created by Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb, No Regular Play, Nicolas Jaar.. and I started becoming way more chill with my music. It was a completely different style of music, and I loved it.

Then I started becoming very minimal and into dub. So, my style has shifted with time, and slowly I have become more obsessed with finding music that nobody has. Discovering new talents, and searching for artists that are up and coming, unknown to the masses.

As for breaking into the industry, I never really have, and I have no desire to! For me my music is something very personal, when I mix in parties is when I least enjoy it. For me playing at home with a few friends is the highlight of my performance. And even better, when I play alone. It is something very personal.

How would you describe what’s special about you/what differentiates you from the rest of people who do what you do?

So, I am constantly surrounded by other DJs, I am friends with many of them and my boyfriend is also a DJ. And what I really have noticed about my style is that I take my time to not be influenced by trends or names that relevant now. For me it is really about pleasing myself instead of pleasing a crowd, so I think that liberates me, having no crowd to please allows me to be as experimental as I want

When making music, do you have a philosophy you abide by?

I have produced a few songs, but it is not something I focus on. If I had a philosophy for producing it would to create really elegant and simple music.

Tell us about your show and backstory to the name. Anything special FRISKY listeners should look out for?

I chose the name Madame for my show because it is a nickname my friends have me. I always host small gatherings and listening sessions. I also love Rosé wine so eventually they started calling me Madame Rosé, but that’s a different story. So, this show Madame for FRISKY is going to be a really intimate display of my songs and mixing, but for a larger crowd. I’ll try not to get influenced by the size of the crowd and always keep the quality going.

La Beat

Since your music journey began, in what way(s) has creating music transformed you and what keeps you motivated on a daily basis?

I have changed and shifted genres so much that I only take pride in one thing, and that is keeping the underground music going. I feel motivated on a daily basis because of new artists and continuous good quality in music.

What difficulties have you encountered working within the music industry?

The only difficulty that I have encountered is pleasing the crowd. For me quality of sound is more important than crowd pleasers.

What further musical boundaries do you seek to explore?

I like to play with music. Sometimes when I mix a completely ethnic or non-electronic set, this is when I get the most excited, because this is truly music that only connoisseurs will have.

Outside your music career, what do you like to do for fun? And what makes you really happy?

Outside of music I have the world of photography. I am constantly looking for different subjects and ideas to execute with my camera. What makes me really happy is settling down in a new country and immersing myself in a new culture.

Thank you so much for taking time with me and FRISKY sharing your thoughts. It’s been fun! Plus, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and better insight into your musical world. So, before we conclude our interview, do you have any final thoughts?

I hope people enjoy this new space of the Madame show, as a place for new music and the unknown 🙂

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